Too Much Tech: 4 Ways To Consolidate And Simplify The Technology In Your Life

In such a fast-paced, tech-heavy world, you might find yourself getting tired or overwhelmed by it all. You might have too many devices to keep track of, or simply wish to cut down on tech use altogether in order to regain a little bit of control over your life. These are fine goals to strive for and can even better your health. Consider any of these four ways to consolidate and simplify the technology in your life.

1. Use The Same Operating System

For example, your tech integration is going to be far less seamless if you have a smartphone that runs on Android, a computer that runs on Windows and a tablet from Amazon. By moving over to using only Apple products, for example, everything will be running the same system. Your files will be stored on the same cloud and will sync across devices automatically. You also won’t have to shift your brain to using a new operating system each time you turn on a different device. This isn’t just limited to high-tech devices either – if you have too many remotes around your TV, look for ways to reprogram them into just one or two. There are apps and other programs that even consolidate your social media accounts for you.

2. Get Rid Of Excess Tech

Do you really need to use your old iPod anymore, for example, when you could put all your music on your smartphone? Do you primarily stream TV shows, allowing your PC to double as your TV? Do you need a desktop PC when you already have a laptop or tablet? Do you really need an e-reader when you could read your books on your phone apps? Consolidate the technology in your life by getting rid of the devices you no longer really use. You can also simplify it by only using devices that offer the features you really need. Be sure to organize files on your devices and delete anything you no longer need as well.

3. Take Breaks

For example, if you are spending much of your time on social media when you could be doing other things, either take a break from using it entirely or restrict the amount of time per day you are allowed to use it. Set a timer if you have to. Take some time to relax away from technology and enjoy some time with your family, some time reading a book or some quiet contemplative time. Doing this can have some tangible health benefits, such as helping with anxiety and depression. It can clear your head and help you focus as well as improve your concentration.

4. Bundle Services

Buying bundles of tech services can make your life a lot easier as well. For example, if you do not already have your phone, Internet and cable through the same company, doing so can greatly simplify remotes, how everything is hooked up to your house, how many bills you have to keep track of and more. It can even save you significant amounts of money, as most companies offer good deals to people who bundle their telecommunications services together. Do your research, like these ACN Reviews, to find a company that’s a good fit for your needs.

Everyone needs to take breaks from tech usage every now and again. It’s good for the eyes and good for the brain. Living a simpler life certainly has its virtues, but even just consolidating devices can leave you with a lot less tech to worry about and a lot more time to do other important things. Hopefully these ideas will help you cut down if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of tech floating around your life.

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