Mix Natural Solutions With Practical Measures For Personal Beauty

True beauty comes naturally – or, at least, that’s what some people would have you believe. Beauty products love to brag about natural ingredients, and if you tell a friend that he or she is “positively glowing,” they’re likely to talk about their lives: their recent experiences, the way they eat, and so on.

True beauty comes with products and practical measures – or, at least, that’s what some people would have you believe. Your friend may say it’s love that has them “positively glowing,” but that TV ad sure made it seem like it’s only makeup that can do that. And Hollywood is full of people who are living proof of the power of cosmetic surgery.

So which is it? It’s both, of course. Your best path to beauty is to care for and respect yourself with natural products and a healthy life – while also being realistic enough to accept the help you want or need.

Natural products: the good and the bad

Healthy living and natural products are usually great for you. Nobody would debate the power of a healthy diet, which can help you lose weight and keep it off while keeping you nourished, free of health problems, and happy. No amount of practical solutions can help you if you refuse to eat well, so be sure to eat whole and natural foods in a balanced diet. Rely on supplements, too, especially natural supplements that you know you can trust.

But, of course, every general rule has its limits. Not all natural things are good for you (just ask Socrates how that hemlock went down), and there are some beauty problems that can’t be solved by natural remedies. So don’t be dogmatic in your worship of natural beauty solutions: remember that, while natural supplements are great, there’s more to a complete beauty regimen than just eating well.

Practical solutions for everyday beauty

If you have deep crow’s feet around your eyes, no amount of Kale is going to make them disappear – but a cosmetic surgeon can. And since modern cosmetic surgery is effective and safe, there’s no reason to turn down that option! Remember, nothing in beauty should be dogmatic. Hemlock is natural, and brain surgery is “unnatural,” but you know which one you’d prefer in a life-or-death situation.

Similarly, don’t be afraid of beauty products from big cosmetics companies. Sure, it’s nice to say that you’re glowing all on your own, but we’re not living in a utopia! Healthy living and healthy eating will help you look and feel your best, but there are still plenty of reasons to believe in the creams, lotions, and cosmetic products that brilliant scientists have dedicated their lives to perfecting and making safe.

So when it comes to beauty, don’t limit yourself. Don’t turn up your nose at natural solutions, because there’s truth in the idea that natural solutions are as effective as they are healthy. But don’t be dogmatic in your worship of natural solutions, either – remember that mankind has a few tricks of its own, and that our innovations can be just as safe (or even safer) than many natural solutions.

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