How to Shape a Beard Neckline for Office Look

Beards can be messy or well-groomed. It can be long and royal or stubble or goatee. One thing in between sporting or wearing a beard style as good as any of those is the neckline.

The neckline is the most important part of giving your beard a look it deserves. Sometimes, we tend to miss out on the details like beard neckline and ruin up big things coming our way. Therefore, it is important to maintain a distinct and clear beard neckline.

Your office look or professional look is about sophistication and confidence. You cannot afford to sport a beard that does not match your professional requirements. You have to look confident, manly, and equally well-groomed. A beard neckline might get avoided by some, but that little line can make or break your beard look a big Yes or bigger No. If you are wondering about how to shape a beard neckline for an office look, you have stumbled at the right place.

How to shape a beard neckline?

First and foremost, to shape your beard neckline for an office look, you need to know where it starts. So, identification of your beard neckline comes first in the process of shaping it. Once you have identified your beard neckline, you can move ahead to the next steps.

To identify your beard neckline, all you have to do is leave a space of two fingers above Adam’s apple, and there it is. That place is your beard neckline. Now you can start shaving your beard with the razor. Also, make sure you use a good razor for shaving that beard, so you don’t face any skin related issues. If you have sensitive skin, you need a razor that shaves well and does not harm. Therefore, Gillette came up with Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive razor designed specifically for men with sensitive skin. The SkinGuard technology used in the razor minimizes the tug and pull that, in turn, reduces the risk of cuts and nicks.

Shave the beard under the line with the Gillette SkinGuard to make a neat looking beard neckline. You can use the trimmer on the back of the Gillette SkinGuard razor for trimming hard-to-reach area of your face. You have now mastered the art of how to trim a beard neckline and shape it for the office look.

Wrapping up

Your neckline is an essential feature of the beard. That is because a well-trimmed and well-groomed neckline adds a touch of sophistication to your overall beard look. Beard growth tips are very important if you want to maintain a unique personality.

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