Cleaning your home is never fun for quite a lot of people, but it is nevertheless necessary to maintain the appearance and, well, cleanliness of your home. A clean and properly maintained home is not only more comfortable for you to live in, it is also a lot healthier for you and your family. But while there are definitely perks to hiring professional cleaning service to clean your house inside out, those perks often come at a very high price that might not make it affordable for a lot of people. Besides, while it is indeed best for major repairs and maintenance tasks to be left to the professionals, there are quite a lot of simple cleaning tips you can do on your own to improve the state of your home easily.


Take the scratches you often see on your wooden furniture, for instance. While wooden furniture does give a room an ambiance and aura of elegance, this aura can be ruined by the many scratches and marks on them as a result of wear and tear. Not many homeowners know that these scratches and marks can actually be fixed easily and be made to disappear, all by using a cleaning solution you can mix by yourself in your own kitchen. The secret of this cleaning solution is mixing vinegar and olive oil with 1:3 ratio, and using a rag or a cloth to rub it into the problem areas. Voila, your wooden furnitures now look scratch-free!

If you have quite a few hours of free time to spend on home maintenance and improvement, you can also create your very own DIY cleaning solution to scrub and clean your bathroom’s dirty tile and grout. To make the solution, all you have to do is to mix bleach and baking soda with 1:3 ratio. Use it to scrub the tile and grout of your bathroom, and be amazed at all the difference that it makes. No longer will you have to contemplate replacing your dirty tiles with new ones, saving you thousands of dollars worth of money.

A DIY cleaning solution also works well to clean your dirty kitchen cabinets from dirt and grime. Simply mix one part of vegetable oil with two parts of baking soda and stir it well, before using a brush or a rag to wipe off the layers of dirt and grime your cabinets have collected in weeks or even months.

Pure vinegar solution also has many functions, most notably in getting rid of the cloudy residue of your glassware. If you want to make your glasswares look brand-new and sparkling, the trick is to add vinegar into the dishwasher solution every time you are running a dishwashing cycle. You do not need a lot of vinegar; adding one cup of it to one dishwashing cycle should be more than enough. If your glassware are really cloudy, you can repeat this step a few times as well.

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