Things We Should Know Before Repairing Asphalt Shingles

Our roof may have a number of leaks and this could indicate that asphalt shingles start lift, wrinkle or break. This could also happen if there’s a moisture damage on the roof. It also means that the shingle may need to be replaced. Asphalt shingle roof is commonly used in many houses. They are easy to repair, require little maintenance and easy to install. Fiberglass asphalt shingles are fire resistant, greatly diminishing the possibility of fire. However, organic asphalt shingles have the lowest protection against fire damage. Asphalt shingles also contribute in making our house look better.

Asphalt shingles are known to last for many years and they are quite durable. The installation cost could be less than $1 per square foot, but the cost could be higher depending on the complexity of the project, access to the roof, the slope and height of the building. Before repairing the roof, we should ask the contractor for estimation. Hot weather could shorten the life of asphalt shingles and hotter climate also causes shorter life. While an asphalt shingle could last for 20 years in normal condition, it could only be around 12 years in a very hot climate. Because the roof protects us against the element, we should make sure that there’s no shoddy workmanship during the repair projects.

Before repairing the asphalt shingles roof, we should look for reliable roofers. They should already be in business for 5 years or more and with a proven track record. We should check for their availability and it’s not a good idea to hire an overworked contractor. Some reliable roofers could be booked up for a few months in advance. So, there’s not point asking them to work for us. If the roofer is available, we should ask them for references. We may need to switch to another roofer, if they hesitate or refuse. It is also a good idea to inspect their previous works. When checking for their works, we should look for water gaps and make sure they line up straight.

Shingles should also be trimmed in a neat line. Flashing at eaves and roof valleys should also be tar free. Shingles should be neatly trimmed and align properly with the edge of the roof. We should talk with at least three references and ask whether they would work with the roofer again. Also ask them whether the roofer agree to inspect the roof, if it leaks again. Roofers should respond to inquiries courteously and promptly. During the repair work, the roofer shouldn’t cause any damage to the landscape and leave nails everywhere.

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