Expecting a new baby is a wonderful and joyous experience for new parents, but it can also be a stressful one, especially when it comes to keeping your child safe in their own new home. This is why baby-proofing your home is recommended to ensure the greatest level of safety for your children at all times, but while expensive remodelling and baby-proofing options do exist there are quite a lot of quick and easy baby-proofing projects you could do without blowing your budget out of the water.

  • Living room. Ensure that all your electric sockets, especially the ones that are easily reachable by babies and small children alike, are replaced with childproof ones to prevent any accident. If you have long electrical cords running along the floor, you can either tie them up or tape them down to prevent your baby from tripping or accidentally unplugging any of your electronic devices. It is also greatly recommended to fasten your furnitures to the wall in order to ensure that your child will not be pulling them down by accident–this is especially true for tall pieces of furniture such as bookcases or wardrobe. You might also want to lock or put away all your sharp objects and tools out of your child’s reach, and keep as many items as you could away from the floor and on any nearby surface, such as the coffee table. If you are living in a two-storey house, installing a safety gate is also highly recommended.
  • This area is especially dangerous for children, so make sure to take extra precautionary steps. If you keep your cleaning supplies and other chemicals under the sink, make sure that you install child-proof lock on your cabinet’s door, otherwise move them to high cabinets where your child cannot reach them. Do not leave any traps for mouse or insects where your baby can find or discover them accidentally, and avoid using magnets on your refrigerator as they can fall down and be swallowed by your kid. It is also important to ensure that the oven door is always locked, and to cook with the handle of your pans and pots turned to the back of the stove instead of to your direction.
  • Similarly to your kitchen, make sure that you keep all your cleaning supplies, cosmetics, or medication away from your baby’s reach, either by installing child-proof lock on your bathroom cabinets or by putting them on higher places. It is also recommended to install toilet lid locks. If you have a bathtub, always remember to drain it properly and never leave water standing in it to prevent accidental drowning. You might also want to adjust the temperature of your water heater to a maximum of 110 or 120 degree fahrenheit in order to prevent scalding.

Most importantly, remember to always reevaluate the baby-proofing of your house in accordance to the growth of your child, and tailor it accordingly when needed to.

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