Sick Of Winter? 3 Ways You Can Start Prepping Your Home For Summer


It seems like winter is the longest season for many reasons. It’s hard to do anything outside because of the cold air. The days are shorter, which means that it gets darker sooner. This is somewhat depressing for many people who enjoy the longer days of spring and summer. You can begin preparing close to the end of the season for summer and warm weather.


A Bit Of Freshness

On warmer days in the latter stages of winter, begin opening the windows. This will allow for the musty smell to escape. You can also add more plants to the home, which will increase the amount of oxygen for those who live in the house. Begin changing the sheets and the decorations in the home to lighter colors to give a fresh appearance and feeling, putting you in the mood for the new season. A storm door with a screen on it will allow for you to let fresh air inside while also letting natural light in as well.


Air System

Before the heat settles in during the summer, you want to check the HVAC system to ensure that it’s working properly. Professionals like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can come out to check the filters and the components that control the system to see that everything is working in a proper manner. This is a good time to check the hoses and vents as well. Most companies will look at the outside unit along with the details inside to see that there hasn’t been any storm damage or any wear and tear from the cold.


Getting The Yard Ready

From making sure you have all of the tools that are needed to mow, weed eat and plant flowers to getting your garden started, the last few weeks of winter are a good time to make sure the yard will be ready. Start fertilizing, sow grass seeds, and start aerating the yard to ensure that you will have a green lawn. You can also start to plant flowers and get the beautifying details in place, such as a new bird bath or decorative stakes. This is a time when you can examine the yard to see what you need to focus on when warm weather arrives, such as trimming limbs from the trees or even cutting down a tree or two if it’s dead.


The winter season won’t last long. Before you know it, you can start getting the home ready for the warm months of summer. With bright colors and fresh air, you’ll be able to enjoy time outside along with a relaxing atmosphere inside the home.

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