Home Gadgets: Strides in Home Security Technology

When it comes to home security, technology has considerably stepped up the game in recent years. For those who enjoy the use of technology in their homes, these new home gadgets have become a source of great enjoyment and even greater security. You can take pleasure in knowing that your home is secure, and if something bad were to happen, the police would be notified immediately. There are also several gadgets that connect to smartphones, allowing you and other homeowners a chance to see what goes on in your home when you aren’t there. There are many gadgets that are made specifically for home security, and finding the right one can be difficult. Here are a few that stand out from the crowd.

Security Cameras

The security cameras of today are not just for businesses. These amazing devices are made for personal home use, and they can be helpful while you are away from home. With the ability to send live notifications and video streaming to your phone, you have the ability to know what is going on inside and outside of your home. These are especially helpful for parents who have older kids coming in and out of the home. You would not want a stranger coming into your home, disguised as a friend of your child, and stealing things from you.

Smart Doorbells

During the holidays, you might get a lot of visitors, both from deliverymen and friends and family. With all this doorbell ringing, it is easy to simply open the door without checking who might be standing behind it. With these new smart doorbells, you can open a live video feed and two-way intercom system to speak with your visitors. Luckily, you can even do this when you are away from home. They are great for when you are on vacation as well.

Smart Locks

Cars, nowadays, have smart locks. You can simply hold your keys up to the handle and have the door unlock. Did you know that homes are equipped with this same sort of locks? Even connecting to your Bluetooth-enabled device, you can press in a pin code and unlock your door. With a keyfob, you can also unlock your house door. It is now easier than ever to unlock your front door without carrying around too many keys.

Security Systems

Security systems have been around for quite some time; however, with each passing year,  they have become more high tech than ever before. Most of the newer security systems have alerts that will be sent to your local police or fire department if something is out of the ordinary. With the ability to sense carbon monoxide and break-ins, these security systems are amazing in a special way! The Canary is one sort of security system that has many amazing features. This system has a security camera that can sense if something unusual is happening and send a live video feed with an alert to your smartphone. It also gives you, the homeowner, an option to alert police or neighbors.

Home gadgets have come a long way since their implementation into the home. Luckily, for those who enjoy technology in their home, these new smart security features have helped homeowners in tremendous ways. Check out what options you have with a local company. You can even find out what is included in an ADT home alarm system on their website. It is a great way to protect your home and combine your love of technology all in one!