5 Discreet Ways to Secure Your Home

A home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in a lifetime. With 73 percent of burglaries occurring in residential neighborhoods, security is a top priority. The following five tips will protect a home against intruders.


Install a Security System

This can range from adding exterior lighting and cameras to purchasing a Honeywell home security system with full monitoring. Homeowners short on cash may consider placing a fake security sign in front of the house to deter criminals. Even if there is no security system present, the sign may make intruders think twice about trying to break in.


Trim Plants

Shrubbery and trees provide shade and add curb appeal to a home, but they also provide places for burglars to hide. All plants growing close to the house should be kept trimmed, especially around windows and doors. Flowers or shallow ground cover are better choices than trees or bushes.


Secure the Front Door

Over 30 percent of intruders access a home through the front door (ref: safeguardtheworld.com). A secure front door should be solid wood or steel and mounted in a strong frame. The door should also have a deadbolt and a peephole. If there is a mail slot, it should be checked to ensure that someone cannot reach through and unlock the door.


Park a Car in the Driveway

While it may seem insignificant, having a car constantly parked in the driveway or in front of a home is a powerful crime deterrent. Whether the vehicle belongs to the homeowner or someone else, it gives the impression of someone being home at all times. When on vacation, the combination of a parked car and timed interior lighting will discourage criminal activity.


Meet the Neighbors


Getting to know neighbors is the first step in organizing a neighborhood watch program or simply just looking out for one another. Performing a mock burglary, where a neighbor goes through the house and points out possible security problems can be very helpful. In addition, the neighborhood busybody is an excellent source of information on daily activities, especially regarding people who do not belong.


A home is truly a castle. With crime on the rise, it is crucial for homeowners to increase the security of their properties. While a Honeywell home security system is a good starting point, other simple measures can work just as well.