How to Respond to Criticism on Social Media

One thing that a lot of businesses fail to understand is that social media is no longer just about people connecting. It is an opportunity for them to connect with businesses as well. And what companies also don’t get, is that communication with customers is now a two-way street. In the past, companies would send out a message, and this would attract new customers, or not. Today, however, customers interact directly with businesses, sharing information and talking about their feelings and experiences.

So why do this matter, and what is its link to online reputation management services? The thing is that, if you underestimate the power of social media, you will miss out on business opportunities. Using old fashioned forms of advertisement to promote a product or service is no longer relevant. Social media has given startup businesses the chance to grow to new heights, existing businesses to build their brand image, and customers the opportunity to have a voice, and for that voice to be heard by millions all over the world. People want to be heard the most when they have a complaint, because they feel wronged. In the past, this meant making angry phone calls or demanding to see the manager. Today, it means writing a well-worded complaint on social media, and having thousands of people read it in an instant! This is now such a powerful tool, that there are even websites dedicated to collecting negative information about companies.

This trend is both a blessing and a curse. Customers are allowed to be heard, it is just a shame they tend to be the loudest when they have a complaint! However, this doesn’t mean you should be afraid of building a profile online and one social media. People will always complain, so it is best to have them do that in a safe space – like your social media page – rather than elsewhere.

Key Points to Remember

  • Accept the things that you cannot control. If someone has a complaint, and you can objectively see that you may need to improve a little bit, you will make great strides towards building a positive image.
  • Do not become defensive. This will only turn into an argument, and it is one that you will never win. Don’t take the criticism to heart, but see it as something constructive that you can learn from.
  • Know when you should, and should not respond. There is such a thing as online trolls, which means that people may be negative against you just because they can, not because they have a genuine gripe. Engaging people whose complaint isn’t genuine is absolutely pointless and will get you nowhere.
  • Set up a department or team within your organization to handle the complaints, as well as the positive feedback you receive on social media.

Dealing with these issues can be complex and time consuming. This is why working with online reputation management companies is often the best solution. They will monitor what is being said about you, and take appropriate actions.

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