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Vintage Jewellery Restoration: The 2017 Fashion Trend

Make sure that your jewellery is in the best shape it can be this winter. Before investing in new pieces, make sure that your current collection is in pristine condition before the festive period arrives. If you have just invested in a SuShilla piece, then here are some top tips for keeping it looking just as shiny, for longer.


Gemstones range in strength, and even if you do not wear your ring 24 hours a day, you should still give thought to its care.

  • It is advised that you do not wear gemstone rings when you’re doing rough work at work or at home. Even stones as strong as diamonds can be chipped by a hard blow.
  • Stones are precious, therefore, they should always be taken off before home cleaning. Avoid a situation where your jewellery could come in contact with a chlorine bleach. Fluids such a cleaning products and cosmetics can damage and discolour the mounting of your ring.
  • It is recommended that you send your gemstone to a jeweller at least once a year. A jewellery repair service will then look over your ring to check it for loose prongs and wear and tear.


When sending your ring for maintenance your jeweller should give your gemstones a professional “shine-up” too. Gemstones are intricate and many damage their stones after treating them with the wrong cleaning solutions.

It can be tempting to clean your jewellery all at the same time, however, each gem and will require a unique cleaning process. Stones like pearls are not as tough as others like sapphires. Pearls should never be steamed, boiled or cleaned with soap, this is due to the sensitive nature of the stone.

jewellery cleaning


Vintage style accessories are now extremely popular and if you have an authentic piece at home it is definitely worth having it maintained.

A pearl necklace is a perfect example of a piece that can be brought back to life with jewellery servicing. Pearl necklaces can be prone to wear and tear, which is why you should have it sent away to be re-stringed by a jeweller.

Vintage jewellery is extremely desirable among collectors and due to its expensive price tag, pieces should be looked after with care.

This pair can be worn for everyday elegance or even to add a touch of gemstone glamour, to a night time gown. Each set is unique as the gemstones inside have been handpicked for their colour and quality.


If your vintage piece is looking run down, then a jeweller can transform stones in any form. Having a piece of your jewellery redesigned means that you will have a handmade piece, designed to your exact specifications.

jewellery repair

Jewellery re-design is extremely special as it will allow you to enjoy your unwanted/ unworn jewellery once again. There are a number of things jewellery repairers can do to make your shine again including gemstone replacement.

As jewellery is often passed down from generation to generation, a traditional style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you own a piece of a loved one, why not have it changed to a design that you will want to wear.

Jewellery should be created to inspire the owner and if you are unhappy with your current items then there are lots of choices you can make to improve it. Jewellery experts can add stones into rings, necklaces and bracelets.


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