“Brotox”: The Male Botox Revolution

It appears that the millennial man, now, more than ever before use the best grooming products available to help them achieve flawless, ageless skin.

Men are becoming more open to non-surgical treatments such as Botox, but why now? In the age of the selfie, there is an ever-increasing pressure to look good. For years’ cosmetics was boxed as a female-only option, however, the age of “Brotox” is taking over.

Selfie Perfect Skin


Last year google revealed that we uploaded over 24 million selfies online, that a total of 13.7 petabytes worth of pictures. Could this be the cause of the rise in cosmetics for both genders?

If you think that social media is to blame for this shift in behaviour, then you are agreeing with the experts. Dermatologist Dr Deanne Robinson of the Connecticut Dermatology Group says that “the ‘selfie’ revolution has made everyone, men and women, more conscious of facial wrinkles and saggy skin… as more men get engaged in taking care of themselves, they realise that grooming, skincare, and in-office cosmetic procedures can be done in a natural-looking way that’s not feminising.”

Nowadays, both genders see endless amounts of men are pictures and videos daily. This means that we are becoming more aware of our appearance. The fact is we cannot add a filter to real life, which is why many opt for treatments such as Botox, which can reduce the appearance of age and wrinkles.



Male Botox: The Facts


Almost half of most cosmetic surgeon’s patients are made up of men and Botox practitioners have said in recent years Male Botox practices have grown by approximately 20% per year.

“Brotox” is the slang term many are using to describe the injectable trend. There is a range of products which men and women can use to relax their wrinkles, including Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport.

Not only are non-surgical cheaper than permanent solutions but they offer flexibility. Botox treatment can be performed in less than an hour. Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are all non-surgical and come with just minor side effects attached, which are well suited to the modern man.

Less is often more when it comes to Botox. Dr Darren McKeown, a Botox Glasgow consultant, recommends an initial consultation before the treatment. After the treatment, Dr Darren says that until his patients are “happy with the outcome “, he will offer consultations free of charge.

Are You Considering “Brotox”?


A face-to-face consultation is always required before any Botox is prescribed. The prescriber should request a brief of your medical history and reasons for why you want the treatment.


Make sure you do your research. There is no shame behind non-surgical procedures, talk about it with friends, they may even recommend a doctor.  Finding a doctor who had a reputable background is important. It may cost a little more but it will be worth it!

The results of their treatments also look incredibly natural, which is the main benefit for many men. Botox when applied professionally gives the user a refreshed, well-rested look, perfect for the man on the go.

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