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Nicknamed kings wine, champagne has never lost its haughtiness. In the wines family, it knew how to keep its private preserve. Generally associated with luxury, it keeps its reputation beyond time and fashions, joining an always festive dimension, even official.

Champagne is not a part of the everyday life. When somebody makes break magnum, there is always a good reason behind, something who deserves sanctification by bubbles.

Champagne is a Controlled Origin Label and protected answering in a number of precise geographical criteria. Indeed, only certain lands in champagne deserve this label which nobody has right to copy or to start again. Producers of champagne are moreover regularly in trial with those who use illegally naming “champagne”, whether it is for an alcoholic drink, a perfume bottle or any object. And one thing’s for sure, champagne remains in eyes of the world always expression of the French-style refinement.

Champagne, it is also luxury in the reach today of almost all. Vineyards heavyweight negotiate up to 3000 €, except auction rooms. At the same time, for 30€, your cellarman can find you a good small bottle which will know how to mark an event of its only presence. Champagne is also a behavioral code. Beyond its intrinsic quality, it establishes one link of a ceremony and fraternizes.

At the level of vines, we meet mainly some pinot noir, miller and Chardonnay, with floral notes, citrus fruits, sometimes mineral, perfect for the ageing. Outside splendor and glitter, champagne represents a long wine-producing tradition registered since the Middle Ages. More difficult to taste that the wine, champagne owes its peculiarity in this unspeakable balance between earth and bubbles.

In tasting for initiated, in aperitif, during the meal, after the meal, champagne is in its place everywhere. There is sometimes in the refinement a kind of arrogance. A need to feel life with bubbles, where palace does not delay succumbing to grape caress.

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