Everything for Sporting and Health: TOP Popular Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is a real paradise for skiers, climbers and everyone, who likes sport, active leisure, healthy living. Of course, the bigger part of country is Alps. Switzerland is a history of skiing. As you know, sport leisure is up to date now, promoting healthy way of life. Millions of tourists come to Switzerland every year. Actually, this is more than 140 ski centers. The most of them are named the best ski resorts of the world. Their distinctive features are high level of service and comfortable conditions to be the best in the world.

Swiss resorts are equipped with big amount of funiculars of special construction and high pass-through function. This is a chic opportunity to prevent long lines in a hot season. The most of ski resorts are situated on big high, providing perfect skiing conditions. As a rule, ski resorts works from November till April. There are many territories, when high mountain resort works in summer period. The most of resorts are located far from the big cities. It is not a problem to get there by car from the airport. Try to hire a car in Geneva, Zurich or Bern and get to your hotel. Skiing is not the only one interesting activity in Switzerland.

Metal Dome heli drop/ski tour


The popular Swiss resort Andermatt is located in the central Switzerland. This is one of exclusive high mountain resorts of the world level. The well-developed infrastructure, picturesque landscapes and advantage attract tourists to visit Andermatt. As a matter of fact, the ski descent is 800 meters high and 4 kilometers long. Interesting and various reliefs make this place attractive for free ride. There are 24 modern funiculars, fan-park with two high pipes, sledging and walking routs. Rental services and ski training schools are also available.

The ski season in Andermatt lasts from the beginning of December till the end of April. Actually, this is a place for whole-year activities. It is not only about ski descents, but golf field, swimming pool and training sport gym.


The ski resort Arosa is so much cozy and beautiful that it touches your feelings. This is a quiet family place that can help you to relax far from the noisy city and crowded streets. The fresh air, beautiful nature, snow-white mountains and forests are what you need for good adventurous rest.

This winter resort is characterized with therapeutic climate, merry adventures and different events to immerse in the atmosphere of good rest. It cannot be boring here in summer or winter. Do you like walking? More than 200 kilometers of walking routs are situated here. More than 100 kilometers of bicycle routs are waiting for bicycle racing. Want to see the world from the bird’s eye view? The paragliders and hang-gliders are at your disposal.

Hang Gliding

This is not the end. You may also use cross-country ski routs, curling, snowboarding, icy golf, skating rinks, SPA and fitness centers and many other things. There are many different hotels, shops, restaurants. The territory is attractive and interesting for adults and kids. Thus, there are two kindergartens and special ski school – Swiss Ski & Snowboard School. You are offered to visit kids’ cinema Kursaal or special ski school for little kids – Junior Club.


Veysonnaz is small quiet mountain village, located in the very heart of Vale. The mountain view is amazing! Tourists need is big choice of ski routs, cheap hotels and good infrastructure. This sweet cozy village is considered to be a friendly place to spend time. The geographical location is favorable to be the real treasure for visitors.

Veysonnaz is one of the best places for family vacation. It is always calm and quiet here. You can spend time alone, take some rest and relax. By the way, all you need for comfortable and safe ski vacation with your kids is near at hand. You cannot find expensive prestigious hotels here and elite restaurants. This is a sort of budget but interesting holidays.

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Verbies is comfortably situated in the territory of Four Valleys to take the fourth place as the biggest ski stadium in the world. What do you expect from your holidays? The vacation is going to be pleasant for all categories: pro and newcomers. More than 410 kilometers of comfortable ski routs and descents, modern funiculars and snow park for snowboarding are waiting for you. The winter holidays in Verbier are unique combination of interesting skiing, sunny routs and beautiful landscapes on the go.

The resort is included into the list of elite organization The Best of the Alps. In short, you may choose: extremely high descents of Mont Fort or quiet and safe skiing of Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Siviez.


Villars is located on a comfortable mountain platform – balcony, where the beautiful view to Alps is available. The main Villars advantage is variety of routs. It means that you may follow the safe well-prepared ski routs or chose something new and special. The skiing area is spread over the neighbor regions for 1250 meters. Villars routs are attractive even in summer.

It is worth saying that you can easily get from Villars to Les Diablerets – another ski center that is famous of its snowfiald. It is available for skiing even in summer. Come back to Villars. This is also popular family place. More than 120 kilometers of ski routs are for your attention. They are long and safe. Of course, you can find extreme routs, 45 funiculars, modern sport complex and tasty food. You know, Villars becomes more and more popular for Europeans.


Switzerland is one of many ski resorts of the world. The big part of the country is mountainous. By the way, the ski sport was born right here, in the 19th century – skiing and sledging. That was time, when ski sport was not for everyone, but for celebrities and rich guests. Swiss ski descents are popular all over the world now. They are perfect in service and comfort. Of course, there is a one little minus – they are still not cheap. Nevertheless, budget variants are available.

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