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Straight to the Root of the Problem: Straight Teeth Treatments for Adults

Many of us remember the annoyance of having bulky, intrusive braces as children. Snapping bands, getting food stuck in the settings, and the painful twang of a snapping wire are something a large portion of us are all too familiar with. As a consequence of seeing others going through the discomfort – or possibly due to financial or medical reasons – many people chose not to undergo straight teeth treatments as a youth.

Today, these people may be self-conscious about the image their teeth present others while going through normal social interactions. They can also be put off by the memory of friends and family wearing large, obtrusive straight teeth treatment options, such as wire braces. Thankfully, there are now far subtler and less intrusive solutions for misaligned teeth.

Adult Braces Glasgow – Hardwired for Straighter Teeth

The classic option for adult braces Glasgow is traditional wire braces. These are no longer the large and invasive contraptions of yesteryear; cosmetic dental technology has come on leaps and bounds, resulting in far more compact braces. One of the main reservations with regards to adult braces Glasgow is how they affect an individual’s presentation. With modern technology, the impact adult braces now have on personal image is minimal, resulting in a more confident smile.

Adult braces Glasgow require regular check-ups. These tend to be between 8 and 12 weeks apart, although it is case dependent for each patient. This covers the tightening and realignment of the braces to ensure a quality end result for the patient.

Although modern wire braces are designed to impact day to day living as little as possible, there may still be some discomfort while they are in place. Certain food can also cause damage to the braces – any good cosmetic dentist Glasgow will highlight what these are, as well as other areas of potential risk to avoid.

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Invisalign Glasgow – Invisible Braces for Visible Results

For those that don’t want to even have to consider the possibility of visible braces having an impact on their social interactions, there are options available. Invisalign is a form of invisible braces glasgow that are worn at all times (except while eating, flossing, or brushing) but are not visible to third parties.

Invisalign Glasgow treatment is simple and non-invasive. Your cosmetic dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth and then use special software known as ClinCheck to path out the movement of your teeth over the duration of the treatment. The allows you to see the end result of the treatment before it has even begun.

The Invisalign are worn for two weeks at a time. They are produced using CAD/CAM technology to create a set that will gently realign your teeth into the next stage of the straight teeth treatment program. After two weeks, you will receive the next set on Invisalign braces to continue the treatment.

Your dentist will schedule regular appointments to track and record the state of your treatment. The amount of appointments required is lower than traditional braces, saving you the time and discomfort required for dentist visits.

Like traditional braces, Invisalign Glasgow treatment is completely unique to your mouth. The time it takes to complete the clear alignment treatment is dependent on the complexity of each straightening issue. However, this is generally between six to nine months.

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