Does Life Scare You at Times?

Getting some scares in life can be a good or bad thing.

That said do certain things in life scare you at times?

The hope of course is that the scary times you have are all in good fun and nothing that poses an imminent threat to you.

So, how do you go about getting scared?

Enjoy Scary Movies, Haunted Houses and More

In your efforts to come up with some fun ways to get scared, keep these in mind:

  1. Scary movies – When is the last time you sat down and scared yourself to death with a scary movie? Such movies can get your heart racing. They can also lead you to leave a light on at night when you go to sleep? After watching ones of these, do you have a tendency to check under your bed and in your closet before top 10 creepy clown movies. Such movies are sure to leave you shaking in your boots at the end of the day. Better yet, watch such films with someone else. At least then you can grab onto someone when the scary scenes come around. When you are looking to get a good scare in life, a creepy clown movie should be the right call.
  2. Haunted house – Are up for the scares that going through a haunted house will bring you? Most haunted houses are only open in the fall near Halloween. That said you may find some with year-round openings. Your best chance for this would be going to an amusement or theme park. Once again, you may be too scared to do this on your own. If so, grab a friend or friends and bring them along for the thrills. Chances are they will be as scared as you. One of the great things about going through a haunted house is you never know when someone will jump out at you. That said are you up to the challenge?
  3. Amusement park rides – While some rides will not excite you, others can leave your heart racing. With this in mind, how about going on one or more wild rides at an amusement park? From rollercoasters to rides that drop from top to bottom in seconds, don’t eat a big meal before going on these. If you do, chances are your stomach is not going to agree with you.
  4. Excitement on vacation or day trips – When you tend to go away from home for a day or more, do you do exciting things? If you are looking for a good scare when away from home, how about stepping a little bit outside of your comfort zone? This can entail zip-lining, bungee jumping and more. The question ends up being, how adventuresome will you be at the end of the day? If you want a good thrill or two and a few scares, go do one or more such activities and see how much you can stand.

In getting a good scare or two out of life, where will you turn for the excitement?

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