How to Make Your Flex Room Truly Flexible

Builders are increasingly including multifunction rooms as part of a home’s floor plan, often called a bonus room or a flex room. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their versatility—the same room can serve multiple purposes as the owners’ needs change. Even a bedroom vacated by an adult child can present seemingly endless opportunities. But how can a homeowner optimize the space to allow for maximum flexibility?

Epoxy Flooring

The floor is quite literally the foundation of the room, so it makes sense to lay down the most durable, long-lasting flooring you can find. A great choice is floorguard products epoxy moisture barrier. There are more than 20 finishes to choose from, and all provide a waterproof, tough finish that is a snap to clean. The same type of floors that have proven ideal for warehouses and car showrooms will hold up beautifully for game rooms, offices, art studios, home gyms, and entertainment spaces.

Built-In Storage

Your first instinct may lead you to believe that fewer permanent additions to the room are better. However, in most cases, plentiful storage will prove essential. Shelving units often contain cabinets or drawers as well as variable shelf options to maximize a room’s vertical space. There are several advantages to using built-ins, even if they are not expensive custom pieces. Because they are permanently attached to the wall, they tend to be sturdier, which is an important consideration when storing heavy or fragile items. If they are stained or painted to coordinate with the walls and floors, the built-in units provide a seamless designer look compared to furniture pieces.

Adaptable Furniture

Everyone is familiar with foldable tables and chairs, but there are endless options when it comes to adaptable furniture. Some walls hide convertible queen or king size beds. Convertible desktops can be used in home offices, computer rooms, or crafting areas. Stacking stools or tables have a sculptural aesthetic when stacked and can be used as seating or display surfaces when separated. Storage cubes, if they are strong enough, can be used as ottomans or modular seating.

Personal Touches

You want flexibility, yes. But if you paint everything a neutral color, avoid hanging anything on the walls and refuse to decorate the space, you won’t take pride in the room at all. Even a guest bedroom should reflect a little bit of your personality. So place an area rug, mount a mirror, install a cool light fixture or arrange a collection of pictures. Temporary inexpensive touches can be changed easily when appropriate, and in the meantime, they will transform an otherwise dull space. Your flex room may just end up being your favorite room.

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