5 Sugar-Free Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

5 Sugar-Free Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A sweet tooth will have you yearning to have foods that have the sugary taste more so chocolates and sweets. The sugar present in this types of confectionery is not good for your health. However, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in different ways that are sugar-free.

Sugar-Free Syrups

Sugar-free syrups such as those from Monin enable you to have your delicious drink as always without having to add any sugar. The syrups are available in different flavors. Also, they have little calories hence they won’t interfere with your weight loss program. All you have to do is pick the flavor you need and enjoy without the guilt that you are again taking sugar.


Honey is one of the healthy ways of satisfying a sweet tooth. Honey is very sweet but the sugar in it is natural. Taking a teaspoon or two will send the craving away.


Smoothies are another healthy way of satisfying a sweet tooth. They are a good alternative because they are many recipes for making smoothies. The availability of different recipes will ensure that you can have a different smoothie anytime you want to satisfy the sweet tooth. You can always add a banana to your smoothie, and it will become as sweet as you want without having to add any sugar.


You can use low fat and sugar-free yogurts to address your cravings. The benefit of using yogurt is that you can just store them in your fridge and just take them when you have the craving. Also, you can carry them to work or that outing and take them as a snack.

Some people would want to flavor their yogurt before they take it. The process is easy, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You will just mash some berries and add a teaspoon or two to the mash. After that, you can add the mix to the yogurt. Most people will prefer to use raspberries or blueberries. However, you can use the type of berries that you like.

Instant Oatmeal

There is a wide range of instant oatmeal snacks that you can take. The only thing that you do is add hot water. If you want to sweeten the meal you can add some honey or dried fruits.

You don’t require added sugar to satisfy the sweet tooth. You can sweeten different fruits by adding honey or dark chocolate.

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