Hectic Mommy: How To Find Moments Of Relaxation In A Busy Schedule

Hectic Mommy: How To Find Moments Of Relaxation In A Busy Schedule

As a mommy, you fully understand the importance of managing a lot. Mothers are superheroes who throw on capes and save the day for their families. As fierce and resilient as mothers are, it can get tiring. It gets especially unbearable if there are no breaks.

It is very hard for anyone to work really hard for an indefinite amount of time. Furthermore, these breaks don’t need to happen only on a vacation. Mothers need moments of relaxation on a daily basis.

If you’re a mom and think that relaxation is impossible, it’s time for a shift in perspective and a change in your routine. Try implementing these four ideas to get more personal experiences of rejuvenation.

Naptime/Quiet Time

The younger the child is, the more likely they’ll need a nap or two through the day. If the child is older (pre-teen or teenage years) and doesn’t feel like they need a nap, implement a quiet time. During this period, it’s time to either rest or work on an activity in a quiet manner.

During this period of quiet time, it’s a good idea to get ahead on your laundry list of things to do. However, part of this time should be spent relaxing. A solid 15-minute block of time can really do wonders for the mind.

Put on some earbuds with classical music. Pull a sheet mask out of the drawer and lay down to infuse your skin with some botanicals. These small moments of relaxation will really reinforce your decision to take care of yourself in the midst of the chaos.

Early Rising

Before the kids wake up and the day gets incredibly hectic, take advantage of some time in the early hours of the morning and recharge. You can read a book, do some yoga, go to the gym or do your own manicure.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it relaxes and recharges you. Even if it’s just to get a blanket, move to the couch and catch up on a favorite show, it’s nice to relax at the top of the day. Once the day begins, it can get pretty crazy from there.


Many moms are apprehensive when it comes to letting their children watch television. For some moms, television is completely prohibited. If you’re a mom who doesn’t see the benefit of television, consider that it gives you a window of time to relax without worrying that your kids aren’t occupied.

A thirty-minute sitcom can allow you to enjoy a few chapters in a good book, a quick nap or some quiet moments with your favorite piece of chocolate and a glass of wine. To gain a full hour, pop in a good movie, pop some popcorn for the kids and disappear into your bedroom.

If you want to take a nap, but your children are too little to be left alone with a movie, pull them into your bed and let them watch the movie while you nap. A good king-size mattress allows for the comfort of knowing your child is nearby and still lets you get a comfortable rest.


In most cases, children really thrive in environments where there is structure. You don’t have to be a militant drill sergeant. However, it’s good to set a tone and schedule for how the day progresses. Since you control the schedule of the day, take time to schedule in those moments for yourself.

It’s also a good idea to consider hiring a babysitter to come in and help out. Even if the babysitter comes twice a week for an hour each time, that still allows you time to relax and recharge throughout your crazy busy week.

When it comes to having the best quality of life, you have to make sure you avoid putting yourself on the backburner. Self-care isn’t a fanciful idea. It’s a non-negotiable need. If you don’t take care of yourself well, you won’t be able to really show up for anyone else either.