3 Common Beard Problems And How To Solve Them

Growing a beard is not as easy as actors and top athletes make it appear to be. You can do a little each day to ensure that your beard grows in healthy and even. To avoid the problems that come with growing a beard, find out how beard oil balm can help with your grooming routine. Here are 3 common beard problems you may need help with.


  1. Bearddruff can Create a Stubborn Itch: When your facial hair starts to grow, it is going to be itchy. The best organic beard oil offers help against a stubborn itch. Simply apply a little bit to a damp or dry face each day, and you will get sweet relief.


  1. The Hair is not Growing Evenly: Many people groom too quickly when they are starting to grow their beards. When your beard is starting out, make sure to wait at least five weeks before grooming or shaving. The best organic beard balms will ensure that your hair grows in even and healthy.


  1. I Can’t Decide on a Style: There are plenty of options out there for your beard. Whether you want something a little wild, like the Wooly Bully, or something more professional, like the Distinguished Gentleman, you can find a look that suits your style. The best way to find your ideal beard? Know the shape of your face.


The most important thing to have when you are growing your beard is patience. Your beard might be itchy, and seem like it is high maintenance. Your ideal look is out there, if you are willing to put in the effort.

Whether beard problems happen when you are first starting out, or if you are having issues as a beard veteran, beard oil and balm can help most situations. Contact Lovely Beards and see their full line of organic and all natural beard oils and balms.



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