Jazz Up Your Home With Lively Indoor Plants

Plants are the source of life and thus needless to say how their presence can uplift the whole atmosphere. Placing a plant inside your home would improve the quality of air inside your home. It would also make your place a livelier one. So, the modern the interior designers stress not only on the application of a particular type of paint, placement of artistic furniture, or curtains, but also suggests the variety of indoor plants for you. Here are some of the tips regarding best indoor plants and the places to keep them and jazz up your home.


Succulents: They are mostly touted as the desert plants and thus you always have some advantage for housing this plant. It won’t die even when you have forgotten to water the plant and that’s because it has an amazing quality of retaining moisture. Have a look at the variety of succulent plants in a proper nursery and bring home. You can put them replacing various showpieces in your living room. That area near the window pane can be spruced up with a round table and keeping this succulent plant.

Viola: This one Viola forms a really large plant family consisting of more than 500 species. It is generally seen during the Spring season. But in case you can manage to nurture them in shady areas, it would flower your home in early summers also. You can try planting some of these in a window box or porch planter and select a shady area in your home to grow them. If you have a nice porch, use that for this plant.

Money Plants: We all love them – isn’t it? Till a long time, we all believed that money plant gives money but the myth is, you have to steal someone’s money plant to be rich out of the blessings of a money plant. If you can manage your guts, you can go ahead and steal someone’s money plant and count the greener benefits of it. To enliven your space, you can place the money plant in an antique looking glass bottle and decorate your library area. You must be having lots of shelves in your library and use the space between books with a green plant. Preferably, the library room has to be an airy one with lots of natural lights coming in.

Chamomile: This is a great plant to house in your home. Keep your kitchen window a livelier one by placing chamomile in colorful pots. This herb has a strong smell and that helps to keep the pests away from your home. You must have heard about the chamomile tea and its soothing effects on mind and body. So, grow chamomile yourself and just relax!

Peace Lily: This white flower bearing plant is believed to bring peace and harmony in your home. They look very serene and are very easy to care for. So, it is a popular indoor plant. Place them anywhere in your home. It can be the stairway, doorway, or even the center table of your drawing room.


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