Work Out and Look Good While Doing It

Work Out and Look Good While Doing It

Okay, so for many of us, the last thing on our minds when we’re off to the gym is to dress as if we’re going to a “Sports Illustrated” photo-shoot. We see the types of people who dress to impress at the gym, and sure, we can be a bit envious… But we’re also far from not paying attention to our getup at all. There’s something about people who enter the floor and own it as if they’re the best at whatever their workout routine is, and you know that more than half of that is credited to how they dress. How can you achieve the same effect? Our seven tips are here to the rescue.

Worked up skin

If you’ve been to the gym already, then you know best how much your face gets worked up. It gets that redness, the sheen, and if you have oily skin… yeah, it’s a problem. Luckily, this can be managed by drinking lots of water during the workout. Also, wear minimal amounts of makeup, or mineral one, to stop the oiliness from showing too much. Dab your face with a wetted towel or wet wipes, because a completely dry towel might leave some unpleasant redness.


This has to be the most fun tip of the lot. We won’t advise bringing your rings, bracelets, and necklaces to the gym. But quirky headphones or earphones, a cool water-bottle, a bow or hairclips are a great way to accessorize. The secret of the most interesting workout look is in the details. Besides, you will have tons of fun completing the outfit and varying it based on how you feel that day.

Treat the imperfections

The big thing to explain here is that there is no perfect body. But, there is your perception of the best version yours can be, and it’s one of the reasons why you hit the gym. I won’t lie, I’m the first to frown at the belly creases whenever I do push-ups, and they quickly demotivate me. Choose your clothes for the way that fit you comfortably, and not for thinking they make you look like a supermodel, while you barely breathe in them.

Best materials

Don’t you hate it when you realize how much you’ve sweated during the workout, only to realize it left ugly traces, or makes your skin feel – for the lack of a better word – icky? That’s why choosing the right breathable materials is crucial. Polyester, spandex, and nylon are your best friends. How does this affect your outward appearance? Let’s just say you won’t look like you ran a 10k after only 30 minutes of exercise, and the faces you make because of the uncomfortableness will be gone.

Patterns, baby!

No better way to motivate and cheer yourself up, than to choose the getup that has something visually striking about it. Now, for those who are more introverted, beware, as colors are eye-catching. So, if you’re uncomfortable with being glanced at every now and then, disregard the color, but go for a pattern. At Lasculpte, they advise to coordinate the outfit, or else you’ll look like an optical illusion, and not a person. If one clothing piece on you is patterned, then the other needs to be solid. Same goes for colors.

A word on perfumes

While it’s great that most people wear perfumes and strong deodorant afraid their bodily odors will leave a bad impression, these can achieve the same effect. The best deodorants are antiperspirants, and many companies make odorless ones, and those without any alcohol, so the fragrance won’t turn bad after a while. This has less to do with looks, but more with the general impression. It’s still an important thing to mention, to realize in time that you may not be getting such great looks, mainly because of the strong perfume.

In the end

You should wear and care only as much as you want to. A gym is for workouts, not a runway. However, there is no harm in trying out a snazzy sports outfit – heck, why would we have so many brands and styles to choose from, then? For all you know, you might really like the outcome, not to mention how great it is as a confidence booster. Forget dressing up for others, and try to leave an impression on yourself.