Different Types Of Indian Sarees For Wedding

Different Types Of Indian Sarees For Wedding

Indian sarees are favourite world over as distinct fashion apparels for women. Colourful, flamboyant and dignified Indian sarees never fail to showcase the charm and beauty of women. But when it comes to special occasions like a wedding they become instant favourites for women of all ages simply because of the sensual yet elegant flair they create out of a woman’s appearance.

When it is about choosing the designer Indian sarees for wedding, there are inexhaustible choices ranging from traditional varieties to the latest designer sarees with fashionable design elements. The collection of designer sarees crafted from a variety of fabrics seems so inexhaustible and vast that you never become short of unique and exceptional choices. Let us have a look at some of the most popular fabric options to choose from Indian sarees for a wedding.

Silk saree

Silk is the most gorgeous and eye catchy fabric with an exceptionally bright shine that remains the most popular fabric for festive wear and wedding sarees in India. Silk boasts of a lineage and tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to the ancient era, and this helped silk sarees to pass through a lot of designer crafts over the years. Naturally, you can always find the largest variety of designer saree options with silk as the base fabric material.

From traditional Indian pure silk to the wide range of silk varieties that evolved through craftsmanship and designer inputs through the ages, the options really seem inexhaustible. There are many designer saree varieties available these days in all sorts of names that are originally silk as far as material is concerned. Silk is sought after for designer sarees for festive, or wedding wear particularly because of their glamorous look and feel.

Cotton saree

If you want to give your appearance a minimalist, light-hearted yet elegant look, cotton sarees come as the invariable first choice. Instead of grabbing instant attention cotton sarees give your appearance a somber and dignified sir so missing with other types of fabrics used in wedding sarees and designer wear. Cotton is lightweight as a feather but never fails to allow designer touches for your unique festive or wedding wear. The best thing about cotton sarees is that it just makes perfect fashionable wear for all walks of life including wedding or regular workplace.

Cotton sarees are particularly preferred by today’s women, especially by those who are from tropical countries simply because they tend to remain cool and comfortable even in a tremendously hot and humid day. Secondly, they are exceptionally easy to maintain and become less vulnerable to damage and staining. This is why, cotton sarees are often preferred by women as the daytime attire on a wedding day.

Georgette saree

Georgette as a fabric stuff is very close to chiffon, but the former is more bouncier and less lustrous than the later. This fabric was first introduced by French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante in the early twentieth century, and since then it continued to remain popular as a staple fabric material for all kinds of designer wear including sarees. Today, Georgette sarees are extremely popular as a designer apparel and is extensively crafted upon by designers and saree makers of all traditions.

Do you want to give your wedding day appearance a subtle and elegant charm that goes missing with most of the exaggerated dress code of the attendees? Well, a delicately designed georgette saree can be your ideal choice. Though it entered the Indian wedding fashion lately, it remained as a popular choice for women who want to boast of a unique wedding appearance.


Chiffon is one of the most popular fabrics widely used in designer sarees and apparels. Known as the ultimate fabric choice for a sensual appeal, chiffon is soft, smooth and delicate while allowing women to showcase their beautiful body curves without being indecent. Chiffon sarees allow women to appear sensual and glamorous with a lot of designer options to choose from. If you want to give your wedding day appearance a distinct sensual tweak, go for a designer chiffon saree.

Chiffon is exceptionally lightweight and smooth and it makes a great choice when it comes to maintenance. It is an all season fabric with a lighter, feather smooth feel and with few designer touches can make a chic and fashionably trendy attire for special occasions. Women are looking for simplicity and elegance in wedding sarees often finds chiffon as the ideal fabric choice. It is minimalist, gentle and stylish while it never makes you look drab and colourless.

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