Why You Should Invest in an Inflatable Boat

Have you ever spent a hot, humid summer day sitting in front of your television, wishing you were in the water with the waves splashing over you? Wouldn’t it be great to strap on a life vest, grab a few of your closest friends, and make your way down a river bend? Or you could spend the day gently floating down a lazy river listening to the bubbling water flow up between the rocks. Investing in an inflatable boat can get you one step closer to a grand day out in nature, with memories you’ll keep for a lifetime.


Purchasing a large boat is a huge financial step that you may not want to take just yet, but you’d still love to enjoy a day on the water. Inflatable boats are a cost effective way to own a boat that won’t hurt your wallet. Most models go from around $800 to $1000, leaving room for you to stock your boat with the extras you may want or need. The inflatable boats come as is, so you may want to purchase a small anchor to reduce drift during fishing outings. A horn would come in handy for alerting swimmers or other boaters that you’re close by. Plus, the honking noise would thrill the kids!

Style and stability

Inflatable boats are pillowy looking watercraft vessels that can safely be used on a lake, river, or the ocean. When purchasing one, the structure of the boat itself should be sturdy and lightweight, while still looking great on the water. Inflatable boat choices differ in shape, and when choosing your boat, you can decide on a soft or hard surface depending on the stability you like. If you are in fast, heavy moving water then you may want a wooden or aluminum floor that can handle the roughness of the sea or white water rafting. Ones with a solid bottom are equipped to take on rockier water, so keep this in mind when making your choice.

There are smaller vessels you can choose at 7 feet all the way to 12 feet long. The smaller watercrafts have softer floors which are ideal for quick packing. The entire boat’s shape is not just fun but aerodynamic, good for gliding through the water. The torpedo shaped stearns and pointed bows help send the inflatable boats through the water up to 70 knots (or 80 miles per hour).

Safety first

You can take any of these boats in your truck or camper van and head to the nearest campsite. Just make sure to test out your boat before you set sail to see if it has any holes or tears in the fabric. A first aid kit and GPS locator are also great to bring along for the ride. Create a checklist of what else to tote with you such as jugs of water, non perishable food, and a nautical map. Also keep floatation devices for you and all onboard, making sure the devices are worn at all times. No matter how strong a swimmer you are, choppy water is dangerous.

Whether it be winding down a gentle river, or throwing a line into the water, boating gives you new perspectives for enjoying nature. Use this opportunity to look through a pair of binoculars and sketch out any birds you find. You can create a wildlife scavenger hunt with the kids. The boat you purchase is not just a watercraft to float about in, but a vessel to open up your imagination. You can use it in a variety of ways to spend your days with your family and friends, or enjoy a quiet moment to yourself.

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