A Look at Chicago’s Smoking Scene

While Chicago is commonly known as The Windy City, it should also be called The Smoky City. It’s a sprawling metro that is full of some high end cigar bars, hip smoke shops, and lounges that are friendly for smokers of all ages and experience levels. There’s no shortage of smoking hotspots in the city that are practically begging to be explored. If you’re interested in learning about more about Chicago’s smoking scene, here’s what you need to know.

Exclusive Luxury at Biggs Mansion

If you’re looking for that glamorous, luxurious Great Gatsby vibe, you’re going to want to carve out some time at Biggs Mansion. While it accepts long-term members on a rolling basis, even non-members can experience the opulence on display at this cigar club through the convenience of their day passes. It houses an on-site shop where you’ll pick out your cigar. You’ll then enjoy it either in their tastefully decorated lounge or venture outside to their stunning patio.

Members have it even sweeter. Their list of privileges includes access to a humidified locker, the ability to BYOB, complimentary guest visits, reserved seating, discounts, and even a custom key for entrance to the mansion. Members often end up rubbing shoulders with celebrities, as it’s one of Chicago’s hottest spots for the rich and famous.

The Smoke Shop Stops

If you’re looking for a Chicago smoke shop, you won’t have to go far. The city is positively full of them. Always keep in mind that your patronage is best served at an independent shop. It not only increases your chances of getting excellent service, but you’re also supporting a local business! Do your research before visiting a shop so you can pick one that has a good reputation. This is especially important for those who are new to smoking, as nothing will turn you off faster than visiting a shop that’s unfriendly to initiates.

The kind of shop you’ll visit will vary depending on your smoking needs. If you’re looking for the latest vape rigs and e-juices, consider one of Chicago’s many vaping specialty stores. If you’re in need of a more well-rounded smoking experience, visit an all-in-one smoke shop. This is often the ideal way to find everything you need, from papers to tobacco to glass pipes and beyond. Chicago has such a wide variety of all in one smoke shops that you’re bound to find one that suits your particular tastes.

Chicago’s Top Smoking Patios

While there’s a statewide ban on smoking in bars, there are still plenty venues with open smoking patios where you can enjoy a few brews and some great atmosphere. One such place is The Redhead Piano Bar which is as apt a description for a bar as you’re likely to see. It’s a classic piano bar setup with some excellent cocktails that pair incredibly well with the cigars they offer onsite. Another local favorite is Richard’s Bar. With ample patio space, plenty of great local brews, and a jukebox that’s always cranking out some classics, Richard’s is a great bar to visit for both out-of-towner and local alike.

Get to Exploring

There are plenty of excellent smoker-friendly spots throughout the Chicago Metro. Whether you’re listening to some classic tunes at a neighborhood haunt or perusing the expansive lineup of cigars at a high-end club, you’re bound to find a spot that fits your tastes. So if you’re a smoking aficionado or you simply like to enjoy the occasional social cigar, The Windy City welcomes you.