Why St Barts is Pure Bliss in the Caribbean

Nestled among calm blue waters lays the beautiful Caribbean island of St Barts. With miles of sandy beaches and warm waters this Caribbean mecca has figured out how to cater for its clientele. St Barts villas on the beach offer some of the most outstanding accommodation options anywhere in the Caribbean.

St Barts is a volcanic island that is surrounded by shallow reefs. It is about 25 square kilometers and its capital city is Gustavia which is also where the main port is for the island. Christopher Columbus made his way through these parts in 1493 and named the island after his brother Bartolomeo. St Barts has seen time under Swedish and English rule but it has primarily been a French colony.

Over the years St Barts has evolved into a destination for the rich and the famous. Those seeking a getaway for the finer things will love their dreamy bubble while they are on St Barts. The island has an arid climate but still receives enough rain to maintain its lush and beautiful greenery. The winds from the ocean help to keep the humidity pleasantly low.

If you are looking for your next vacation destination of pure bliss, here are some reasons to put St Barts in the Caribbean at the top of that list.

Experience the Inter Oceans Museum

On the whole of the island, the Inter Oceans Museum is a quirky and different place to visit. On exhibition there are over 9000 sea shells and other interesting marine objects. The place was set up by the passionate oceanographer Ingenu Magras. Here visitors can learn all about the other animals that live in the space between those shallow reefs and the sandy beaches. When you are done with the museum, make sure you give yourself enough time to explore the village of Corossol where the Inter Ocean Museum is located. This secluded and interesting beach town has its own unique charm as well.

Have Fun in the Sun at the Beaches

If you are going to St Barts then you are there for the beaches. Around the island there are fourteen world class public beaches. Some people’s vacations consist of little else than enjoying their accommodation, the food and the beach. If you are going to participate in any water activities such as snorkeling, make sure you are an environmentally aware swimmer. Standing on, kicking or damaging the reefs in any way can take decades for the coral to regrow. Make a point of putting your sunscreen about twenty minutes before you will get into the water so it has a chance to set in. If you see any plastics along the beach, we all benefit when our oceans have less trash in them. Pick it up and put it in the trash can. The sea turtle you might hopefully see will thank you. As you narrow down the beaches you think you will have time to explore, here are two for considering.

Anse Des Flamands: This is a great beach if you want to incorporate a little exercise into your day. There is a semi strenuous hike from the beach to a nearby dormant volcano. This volcano is believed to have formed the island of St Barts. This beach is easy to overlook unless you are staying on the north side of the island. However it is only three miles from Gustavia so it is reasonable to get to. Take note that it may be worth trying to get there a little early as parking spaces are limited.

Baie de St Jean: This is a happening beach on the island. It is pretty protected by the shallow reefs so the waters are generally calm making it a great place for wind surfing and snorkeling. Plenty of cute boutiques and delightful bistros are nearby should you get hungry, thirsty or need a break from the intense sun. The small island airport is nearby so you can keep an eye on how many people are coming and going from the island. As with all beach adventures, make sure you drink plenty of water. That hot sun and intense rays can zap your precious energy before you know it.

Check out the View from Fort Gustav

This historic fort is from the early 18th century when the island was under Swedish rule. It offers a glimpse into the islands colonial past. In the center raises up a towering white washed light house with a painted red top. Visitors can see the remains of the old bakery building and the cannon studded bulwarks. But if for nothing else it is worth going up to Fort Gustav for the stunning views of the harbor. While you are up there, also try to imagine what it would be like to look down into the harbor at battle ships and pirate ships from back in the early days.

Stay at Amazing Accommodation

If you are going to St Barts this is the place to live it up if you can. The trend has given way for St Barts to cater to many travelers who enjoy a bit of luxury while on vacation. There are some absolutely stunning beach front rentals on offer. Gone are the days when travelers solely book hotels. Renting out a private villa can still give you all the creature comforts of home, yet just a bunch of other posh delights you might not other wise get to enjoy.

If you are looking to have a blissful vacation you won’t soon forget, make sure you keep St Barts at the top of your list.

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