Who Is T.B. Joshua And What Does He Stand For?

The Prophet TB Joshua is the SCOAN’s (synagogue Church of Al Nations) General Overseer. He does not want to be known as the founder of the SCOAN, since the founder is Jesus Christ. Rather, Joshua has fully surrendered himself to the will of the Lord, as outlined in the Book of Isaiah.

Who Is TB Joshua?

Joshua was born in Ondo State, Nigeria, on June 12, 1963. He came from a poor background, but never saw this as something that would hold him back in spreading the word of the Lord. Indeed, by understanding that all great things must start with something small, he was able to create an international ministry that is followed by millions of people all over the globe.

Life was a struggle for Joshua. He did not complete secondary school, choosing instead to work on a poultry farm. However, knowing that his calling was to do good, he started to teach young children, while also washing the legs of people in Lagos. He completed a fast for forty days when he received the Lord’s calling, which led to him starting his ministry. Initially, he was only able to find eight members, but thanks to his unwavering focus, he was able to build this into what SCOAN is today.

Joshua, from his humble beginnings, has been able to grow into someone who shakes hands with presidents, but shows equal compassion and care to those who are less privileged. He aims to be a role model to everybody, by being hard working and humble, and having a constant focus on being a vessel for the message of the Lord. He wants to make sure everybody understands that there is hope out there, and that even the weak can become strong.


The SCOAN has changed dramatically over the years. What has stayed the same from the beginning, however, is the dedication to the Lord. Yet, every stage of development of the SCOAN has served a specific purpose. The very first church was a flimsy building, and a storm blew off its roof. The second church was slightly larger, but a flood washed it away. Then, a third church was affected by severe weather and collapsed completely. For Joshua, this is proof of Satan becoming interested in the work that they did. And, as proof that the Lord believes in the righteous, SCOAN is now based in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, a truly impressive structure and an architectural masterpiece.

The Lord has an unseen hand in the lives of everybody on the planet, deciding what is to pass and what is not. TB Joshua aims to show Christians that they are a true reflection of the Lord. Everything happens for a reason, and coincidences and chances simply do not exist. Similarly, it wasn’t an accident that the SCOAN came to be. Rather, Divine will brought it into existence. This inspiration and fortunes of the Church are living proof of this.