Sun Capital Partners And Its Co-Chief Executive Order

Marc Leder is the co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners, Inc., as well as being its co-founder. Since the inception of the company, Leder got stuck in to business operations, investment banking, and leveraged buyouts. Today, Marc Leder has over 25 years’ experience in this field, and his company, started in 1995, is now respected all over the world. Before this, however, he started as an analyst with the Lehman Brothers in New York. He quickly grew to the position of Senior Vice President. He gained the position at Lehman Brothers due to his exceptional academic results when studying towards a BS in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton. Understanding that he is now in a position of privilege, he tries to give back as much as he can. He is a director at the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation, as well as at Berlin’s Berggruen state museum. Additionally, he has launched the Sun Capital Partners Foundation, which aims to support young people into education and out of poverty.

Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

The company launched by Leder, Sun Capital Partners Inc., is a private equity firm with clients the world over. It takes an approach seen very little in the world of private equity, namely that it looks for companies that are in distress. Leder believes that most of those companies are started on a fantastic idea, but that they lack the strategic leadership skills to become successful. Through Sun Capital Partners, he is able to offer those skills, as well as financial injections, driving businesses forward. While the company does not focus on a specific niche, their greatest experience in the food and beverage, consumer services and products, packaging, industrial, building products, chemicals, restaurant, automotive, and retail sectors.

Those affiliated with the firm invest in companies that have significant barriers to entry, long term competitive advantages, and an excellent position in their particular industry. Affiliates of Sun Capital Partners can be found in Shenzhen, Frankfurt, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Boca Raton. They have worked with over 340 companies the globe over and many of these companies now rank in the first 100 on the Fortune 500 US listing.

The company drives improvement in performance by creating partnerships spearheaded by strong strategic managers, as well as substantial expertise and other resources. These resources include experts who have operated their own businesses successfully for many years before joining Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

From humble beginnings in 1995, the company now manages around $9.2 billion in capital. They often use bridge finance to purchase at closing. After this, they raise permanent debt instead. The companies that they target are preferred to have a revenue of at least $1.5 billion. However, they do have many transactions that are between the $50 million and $100 million mark. Because they do not use external financing to close a deal, because they have some 160 professionals on board, and because of their approach, they generally close a deal within a month, around three to six times quicker than most other companies.

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