When Do You Need Trommel Screening?

A trommel screen machine is used to separate/sort different materials by size. There are different brands of screening equipment, light and heavy-duty machines. These machines are used in different industries to sort out different materials. They are commonly used by construction companies, the mining industry and in recycling plants. The design of this equipment entails a cylindrical drum with segments that have holes, allowing finer materials to go through while the larger ones are moved out separately. A drum screening machine can be useful in many ways as discussed below.

Materials recycling

When a building has to be demolished, there are a lot of materials that if not recycled can go to waste. A drum screening machine helps to sort out the fine sand, concrete and the waste. The useful materials can then be recycled accordingly, helping you save on time and building costs. Most brands are well tailored to be used together with other equipment and machines.

Screening topsoil

Quality topsoil is a priority for landowners who want to venture into agriculture and other activities that require landscaping. By screening topsoil, you are able to get rid of unwanted stones, roots, big rocks and dirt. What remains is fine topsoil that is better aerated and better for production.

Sand screening

The trommel machine can also be used in the sand production industry. It makes it easy to separate sand into fine, medium and course grades. Having a trommel screening machine will help produce more sand in a short time, saving time and production costs effectively.

Mineral processing

In mining sites, materials can be sorted using a trommel screening machine so as to get the required minerals out of them. The unwanted components are removed and the rest of the materials proceed to crushing and other stages. This quickens the mining process, increasing production significantly.

Sorting in quarries

The mining of rocks comes with the challenge of unwanted components such as limestone and clay. These rocks can be cleaned using a drum screening machine. The rotation crushes the weak components and separates the rocks from other unwanted components. This ensures you get quality ballast rocks for your clients.

Organic fertilizer screening

To get the best quality of organic fertilizer, you need to sort out the materials. There are a number of drum screening brands that are customised for organic matter production. Because these materials are usually wet, remember to ensure that you select equipment that has features which counter this challenge.

All these are different applications of drum screening machines. These machines are readily available and affordable. All you need to do is research the best machine that suits your needs. Most companies have websites that have all the information concerning their equipment. It is important to inform the company of how you intend to use the drum screen machine so that you can be better advised on the same. It is also recommended that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer. These machines are long-lasting and portable. You can rent or hire a trommel machine when on a tight budget.