6 Reasons Canvas Printing Is The Best Choice For Your Walls

6 Reasons Canvas Printing Is The Best Choice For Your Walls

There’s a new trend in home decor, and it’s one you want to get in on. For generations, families have hung portraits in frames on the wall. Before that, wealthy families had their portraits commissioned by artists and painted on canvases. Is it that touch of class that makes canvas prints an attractive reminder of art museum galleries? Or is it their three-dimensional quality and vivid coloring? Either way, canvas prints are a home decor trend you should get in on. Here are some reasons why.

It Has Its Own Flair

A canvas print has its own unique appeal. Part of its charm is probably that museum-portrait quality, that “handmade” feel that makes the picture seem one-of-a-kind. A canvas print literally pops, since a canvas print with or without a frame juts out from the wall.

It Hangs on Its Own

Imagine you’re at an art fair, and you find a piece you love. You buy an 8×10 for $20, and you take it home. $20 isn’t bad for a piece of art that you love, but you still have to buy a frame. Now, instead imagine that your piece is a weird size, like 8×16. Should you purchase a frame in that size? Buy an 11×17 frame and find matting? Things can get complicated and expensive with flat prints, but with a canvas print, it hangs beautifully without a frame. Next time, ask the artist if you can buy a digital copy.

It Looks Permanent

Few things look as permanent as canvas printing. Even an 8×10 picture frame of your family photo doesn’t look as lasting as a canvas frame. When something is printed on canvas, it says, “I’m here to stay.” It looks as important as a commissioned family portrait.

It Comes in Different Sizes

A canvas print comes in just about any size you can think of. You can get a tiny 4×4 to hang above your stove or a 40×60 to place above the couch. You’d have trouble getting a print that big made at your local Walgreens, not to mention the cost of a frame. With a canvas print, you can order any size you want.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Photos

While plenty of families choose to get their family portrait printed on canvas, it doesn’t have to be a photo. You can get anything made into a canvas print, from your two-year-old’s crayon scribble to word art you made a PDF of on your home computer. If you have a quote or saying you want on the wall, you can get it made any way you want with a canvas print.

You Can Design It At Home

Getting a photo or art print properly framed takes work. Often, you have to stop into a framing gallery with your print or original, look at frame designs, colors, sizes, and matting. When you order a canvas print, you can skip the framing process and verify the details from your home computer. From the ease of your living room couch, you can get a canvas print designed that you’ll treasure forever.