Wedding Reception Must-Haves

You want your big day to be memorable. Not only for you and your betrothed but for all of the family and friends with whom you will share your wedding day. To add a little something special to your celebration, consider throwing these must-haves into the mix.

Photo Booth

A newer trend in wedding reception activities is to hire a photo booth. This is a way your guests can take pictures, post them to social media, and remember your wedding forever. And, considering how busy you will be, a photo booth rental gives you the chance to see what a good time your guests were having while you were making the rounds. Invent a hashtag for them to include when they post their pictures as a way to organize the photos of the day. To collect even more memories, you can give every table a disposable camera and ask guests to take pictures as they please. If you want specific candids captured, provide a list of moments they should try to capture. The day is so filled with activities that it can quickly become overwhelming. Having this many pictures available to you gives you the opportunity to participate in moments of your special day that you were not able to see or take part in while they were happening.

Good Music

One of the features of a good wedding reception is providing the conditions for your guests to dance the night away. By all means, provide your DJ or band with a list of your favorite songs, but keep in mind what kind of music anybody could dance to. Find inter-generational songs that will have guests jumping out of their seats to join in. You should also make sure your venue has enough space for all of your guests to feel comfortable dancing. Cramped quarters might compel guests to remain in their seats and let the most committed dancers take the lead. But, by providing enough space and some good tunes, you will hopefully have everyone moving and grooving. They’ll appreciate a bit of exercise after the cake!


Nothing can destroy the celebratory mood like bad lighting. Most DJs will include lighting packages in their services. Take them up on that. Dim lighting is best to get the group dancing. With too much light, guests feel vulnerable and put on the spot. Especially for those who are skeptical about dancing in the first place, no amount of booze at an open bar can get them to dance in the spotlight.

Guest Book

Guests want a way to be part of your special day. They want to show you their support, whether it be with their attendance, gifts, or kind words. Having a guest book at your wedding reception gives guests a chance to write a small, personal note of support and well-wishes to you. It also allows them to celebrate the fact that they were there with you for the biggest day of your life. Just don’t forget the pens! For a non-traditional approach, consider some DIY options such as having guests write on puzzle pieces that fit together to frame in your house someday. You could also print your favorite picture of you and your spouse for guests to sign. Once your day is done, you can frame the picture and use it as a decoration.

All in all, you want your day to be perfect, but you should know that one thing or another could go wrong. The good news is that by using these tips, you will be on your way to creating the best wedding reception your guests have ever attended. If they’re having fun, you are more likely to let go of any worries and have fun, too.