Vei Group: Hi-Tech Weighing Systems

Vei is a pioneer in the field of hi-tech weighing with its accurate and balanced on-board weighing systems.

When we talk about weighing systems we immediately think about Millennium5, a basic system for monitoring loads.

Millennium5 determines the load, controls the weight, controls the production and manages a customer list.

But it is also much else.

Millennium5: the portable CEO

Millennium5 is the protagonist of the success of the company. It is unstoppable as a tractor and as efficient as a CEO.

It saves time and resources: we must consider that weighing is an operation that don’t admit approximations because doing it means losing money and time.

Investing in a system like this repays in terms of time, resources and logistics. Furthermore it brings great advantage that comes from the availability of production data or even interrupted weighs and, therefore, are only partial.

The absence of defects is a great benefit for the customer who can have a report on the production made, the lists of suppliers and customers at the end of a busy day of work. The procedure is carried out through USB and Wireless to better manage the production processes that provide for the sending of data to the immediate billing system (without waiting for the return of the vehicle).

Consultation of data sent by Millennium5 is also possible via the web or via tablets and Smartphone. But the real strength of this weighing system is given by the management software, designed by Vei to generate reports chosen by companies and with data that end up in a single database to export data on stocks, on what is been sold or how much each fleet machine produces.

All production and sales numbers can be easily linked to the billing system, which reduces the time necessary for archiving in a clear and decisive manner

However, Millennium5 does not perform only the functions of an administrator. He goes further with the integrated printer that allows the operator of the loading vehicle to immediately print information related to the truck load, the history of its loads, a production of a history by favored date, data of the load (operator, total weight , plate of the vehicle).

To conclude we mention Helperx that has been for the most demanding customers.

This is a system like Millennium5 with some additional functions such as the management of large customer and product lists, license plate identification, destination lists and recipe program for mixtures.


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