Turning Your Old Lockers Into Rustic Statement Pieces

Turning Your Old Lockers Into Rustic Statement Pieces

Is your home itching for a makeover, but you find yourself a little low on funds? That’s when DIY projects come in handy. You don’t have to go to an expensive designer store and purchase new decor to makeover your home. After all, you don’t go out and buy a new face and new hair when you give yourself a makeover. The home is no different, turning your old, drab furniture into modern re-creations can be both fun and affordable.

My new favorite item for giving your space a little extra something; lockers. Lockers are easy to repurpose and can turn a lackluster room into something bold, bright and versatile.

Brighten Up a Baby Room

If you’ve got a little bundle of joy, then you know you would do anything in the world to make them feel happy and healthy. Adding touches of color, spots of light and elements of sound to a baby room has been proven to improve their brain function and help them feel safer and more comfortable. Lockers can be used to help create feng shui and add a tone of modernity to any room, no matter how youthful. They also make for a great place to organize the many toys and baby shoes I’m sure you’ve got.

Need a touch of color? Applying a simple layer of paint can be all it takes to revamp a room in all the right ways. Just lay the 4-tier lockers on their back side, add some plastic tarping and tape to protect unwanted sections from paint. Using multiple colors for each layer of lockers is really fun and really bright. Once all the paint has dried, witness the miracle that a little color can bring to a room.

Benches Here, Benches There, Benches Everywhere

Too often, seating room is the biggest issue at family parties and football nights. The downside to seating? The cost of couches. It doesn’t just cost a few dollars to go out and buy a new chair or loveseat, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to accomplish this. Many families just don’t have the kind of extra money it requires to make their living room an entertainment zone.

Old lockers can be easily converted into seating, and you only have to buy a few things from the local hardware store. Secure a piece of wood of the desired size to the top of a single row of short lockers. Staple a piece of foam to the wood for cushion, cover the foam in your chosen fabric and voile, you have a new bench with extra storage at the bottom.

Mud Room, Fun Room

I have a mudroom at the entrance of my home. What I imagined would be a room where we drop off our coats and shoes before entering the house has quickly transitioned into the junk room. Most homes have a junk drawer, not a whole room.

Rustic metal lockers can be placed along the perimeter of any mudroom to give you some extra storage that helps hide the mess. If your lockers don’t have hooks, consider sticking command strips on the insides to hang coats. Smaller lockers also make for great shoe storage. And, if your mudroom is a junk drawer too, you can organize the junk in the spare cupboards of your new storage closets.