Unknown Waters: 4 International Affairs To Be Aware Of

Unknown Waters: 4 International Affairs To Be Aware Of

Traveling can be a rewarding experience, and more people are interested in traveling abroad, but the problem is going without knowing much about a place. Keeping up with what is going on in certain regions in the world is vital for a world traveler, just to be safe. The following are four international affairs you need to keep an eye on.

North Korean Threat

A big mouth can be dangerous when it is comes from people in power. At the moment, the big mouth in the United States is antagonizing the big mouth in North Korea. The issues between the two have gotten so bad that North Korea has tested their missiles often. It recently tested near South Korea and Japan. Both are US allies that are likely to be hit should anything happen. Keep an eye on these developments should you be traveling to these areas.

Venezuelan Unrest

Rebellions are hard to believe at times. It is easy to think that a country can stay the same without a total change, but that is not the case. Venezuela is going through dire economic times, and the people are stressed out. Support for extreme groups attempting to rebel against the government is growing. Those who are considering a trip here or nearby countries should definitely keep an eye on developments.

Syria’s Crisis

There is no doubt that Syria is going through a tough time at the moment. There is civil unrest, terrorism, and many other issues that the entire world should be worried about. Worse of all, chemical warfare is happening, which can put not only those hit but those relatively close in harm’s way. The people need help, but travelers need to be aware of what is happening at all times, just to be safe.


Another country that you should keep an eye on is Turkey. There are several radical groups in this country. The beliefs of each group varies, but some of the groups are dangerous and have instigated violence in the country that has threatened not only the people but also tourists. You need to make sure you keep an eye on everything that is happening in Turkey if you are considering visiting this country.

These are not the only four countries that are going through turmoil, so make sure that you get online before you make your plans to travel wherever you end up going. You don’t have to be attending one of the world’s top universities in international relations to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world. Knowledge is power, so it won’t ever hurt to stay informed.

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