Tools for Cleaning Rugs in Our House

Tools for Cleaning Rugs in Our House

Many homeowners spend a fortune on beautiful rugs and they can be an excellent compliment to our home décor. A thick, clean rug can be comfortable on the feet. Unfortunately, this investment could be ruined immediately by stains, oil and dirt. High traffic on them could also wear down our rugs. Improperly cleaned rugs could make them look and smell older than they really are. Any homeowner would love to have a fresh smelling and looking rug. Bad smells can be caused by pet or cooking odors, as well as the normal daily grime and dirt. With a proper carpet cleaning tool, we could make sure that our carpet would look new. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we often think about heavy duty steam cleaners.

Actually, we could clean dirty rugs on our own and it is important for us to have vacuum units with good quality and performance. Vacuum is our first defense against grime, dirt and oil, as well as pet hair, food crumbs and mud. A good vacuum could get much deper into the carpet and powerfully draw out dust and debris, without wearing and abrading our rugs. Obviously, it’s more than just cleaning our carpet with a vacuum. We should also have a proper cleaner product that can remove both odors and oily stains. Oil deposits will be absorbed deeper by fibers of our rugs, making them near permanent and very difficult to remove.

There’s a wide array of cleaning tools and equipments we can choose. However, they are not created equal and improper cleaning methods could leave residue, which further causing stains on the rugs. This would entirely defeat the original purpose of cleaning our rugs. When it comes to removing grimes from rugs, hot water extraction tools can be a good choice. The tool sprays a mixture of hot water and mild detergent to extract oil and dirt from the rug. Another option is to use the steam cleaning method. It is a good way to reach deeper into the crevices and cracks of rugs. Steam cleaning equipment also doesn’t use cleaning solution, keeping our rugs safer for children and pets. Steam cleaning tools also help in eradicating germs and very small insects, making the rugs more sanitary for home uses.

When choosing a steam cleaning equipment, we should make sure that it is able to blast a powerful jet of steam at about 250 degrees F. This is enough to fully penetrate the rugs and detach oily dirt and dime. The tool should also have a pressure configuration that allows us to change the speed. If we have plenty of rugs in our house, we should invest on such a tool to give use enough flexibility for cleaning objects in our house.

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