The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

Grandparents love nothing more than receiving presents from their grandchildren — so this Christmas, you should make sure their gifts remind them just how much their family adores them. You should surprise grandma and grandpa with creative and personalized gifts that they will treasure forever.

Family Photo Calendar

Give grandparents a personalized calendar filled with photos of all their grandchildren or the entire family for Christmas. To create a professional-looking calendar visit and customize the style of your calendar with user-friendly software.

You can design your calendar with your favourite photos and family portraits or arrange the photos based on seasons or themes. Place pictures of times at the beach and camping under the stars in the summer months and pictures of snow angels and Christmas morning during the winter months. You can also make photos correlate with important dates in a month like birthdays, holidays, reunions and even the first day of school. Grandparents will adore these twelve months of wonderful memories so much, that they will look forward to another calendar come next Christmas.

You can also share memories throughout the year with mini photo books — every month collect your best photo memories of your family and create a mini photo book to send by mail or deliver in person. Share those special moments instead of having those memories stored on devices and social media accounts.

A Keepsake Letterbox

After preserving precious memories in photographs, you can help your grandparents treasure all of the letters and cards from their grandchildren with a keepsake letterbox. Instead of using a cluttered drawer or cardboard box, a keepsake letterbox is an organized and stylish way for them to cherish their gifts over the years. The gift doesn’t need to even be empty when you hand it to them — you can fill it with letters, cards and drawings from their grandchildren before wrapping it to put underneath the Christmas tree.

Homemade Crafts

Get the kids involved and have them make their grandparents crafts for their Christmas presents. For infants, do a simple craft by dipping their hands or feet in paint and pressing them lightly onto a piece of paper. One day, their grandparents will look at the craft and be reminded about how little their grandchild used to be, along with how quickly they grew up. Toddlers and slightly older children can also do crafts using their handprints or footprints, like making handprint flowers, trees and animals with paint. A sweet project for children from the ages of five and up involves a deck of cards: punch holes in the top corner of each card and make it into a booklet, then use each card as a page. On the page, you can have your child come up with fifty-two reasons why they love their grandparents, fifty-two Christmas wishes for them, or any other idea they can come up with.

Help grandparents treasure precious memories with creative and thoughtful Christmas presents like a customized family calendar, a keepsake letterbox and homemade crafts. These gifts will be wonderful and touching surprises, especially since they will be reminders of just how much their family adores them.

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