How Your Business Industry Impacts How You Should Approach Marketing

How Your Business Industry Impacts How You Should Approach Marketing

There are a number of factors that will dictate the kinds of content marketing and overarching inbound marketing strategy that will work best for your organization. The competitiveness of your industry and your area’s target market will inform the kind of marketing approach that works best.

Your Target Market

You essentially always want to market where your customers spend their time. If you’re a law firm that draws a lot of customers from search engines, then search engine optimization and local SEO might be the ideal marketing mediums to pursue in order to connect your firm with the largest amount of local customers that need your legal assistance or legal counsel. Sometimes traditional outbound marketing could even be a good approach if you have a target market that’s informed by an older demographic. If in your market research you conclude that your customers tend to be older, then it might be the best use of your marketing dollar to spend your marketing resources on radio and television ads in your local area. A younger demographic might be more persuaded by social media engagement and search engine advertising.

Customer Service and Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement with customers and social media marketing can facilitate better customer service and help increase your website’s traffic. This means that you should keep your Facebook and Twitter pages updated with everything that might be new or up-and-coming in relation to your business.

Attend a Legal Marketing Boot Camp

At a legal marketing boot camp you’ll learn the foundations of SEO, email marketing, and PR. Some companies, such as The Rainmaker Retreat, know that you’ll also discover the most effective ways of utilizing social media to broaden your online appeal and gain more customers. Attending a boot camp will also increase your conversions and improve customer service.

Professional Service Providers and Content Marketing

A fair share of content marketing is about increasing your brand awareness through conveying your company or firm as a thought leader. That’s what whitepapers, explainer videos, blogs, and how-to guides are all about. Law firms, consultancies, and accounting agencies should all incorporate content marketing that allows them to show their expertise on sophisticated, niche topics. The benefits to doing so is that you’ll vault yourself into an authoritative position and help answer customers’ questions as or before they arise. You’ll also be seen as more trustworthy and approachable through making personalized how-to guides and disseminating relevant blog posts.

In closing, your target market and the nature of your industry are the overriding factors that will go about determining your marketing strategy.