The Art and Science of Furnishing

When you move into a new house, you’re greeted with a blank canvas. You can sculpt it into your ideal home, but furnishing is both an art and a science and if you make the wrong chases you might find yourself opening the door to somewhere that doesn’t really feel like home.

Today we’re presenting a short guide to furnishing a new home like a professional designer!


You should always remember that this is your home. While you may have ambitious ideas about design and style, you shouldn’t let that eclipse the fact that you need to be comfortable here. If you have a sofa you can’t simply lie back on, you may not be able to unwind and relax properly at home. Remember you’re furnishing a home, not a show room. Not every day will involve impressing guests!

That means that when you’re presented with all the possibilities of decorating a new home, you should begin by thinking about what you need, and what you like. If you unwind by watching television, you’ll need to make sure you space to do that – whether that’s in your living room or in a den or man-cave!


That said, this still represents a perfect opportunity to put your stamp on a home: all of your needs as described above can still be met while giving your home a distinct look.

It’s worth browsing magazines for modern styles that you like: even if you’re dreams can’t be realised perfectly from colour supplement to your living room, you can still find inspiration there for colours and shapes that you can seek out at lower prices.

It’s also worth looking at the catalogue of designers and outlets you love. Finding one piece you like with Czech and Speake could be a singular stroke of luck or it could indicate that they have a host more that you’d love. If a piece of furniture or an accessory catches your eye, be sure to find out where it came from! You could be following the clue that leads you to a treasure trove of furniture, fittings and furnishings that allow you to make your home over exactly in the way that you want it.

It’s important to keep a budget in mind as you work: if you don’t plan carefully you could find yourself running out of money and leaving the job half done. It’s better to work creatively with a budget you’re assured of, and make sure you can finish everything you have planned.