Safety in Numbers: 5 Tricks for a Safer Workplace

Making safety and health at work priorities is pivotal. Failure to do so could mean that your employees and customers are jeopardized and that you have multiple complaints against you. Taking the time to assess and improve health and safety now is wise.

Review the Past

An overall evaluation and edit of health and safety is good, but you want to know the particular problems that plague your company too. Reviewing data related to past incidents can help you to determine what the biggest problems are at your company. Then, you can make a list and tackle the largest and most frequent problems first. At first, you might not think that your business has recurring issues, but once you start to analyze, you’ll likely recognize patterns.

Offer Assistance

If you want your employees to work in a healthy and safe environment, then you need to help them do so. For example, let’s say that you do not offer paid sick days to your employees. Chances are that plenty of them come into work when they are sick because people usually cannot afford to just take days without pay. Perhaps you do not offer health insurance, or maybe you require that employees come into work even when most places are closed due to dangerous weather. All of these actions jeopardize the health and safety of your employees.

Review Regulations

The practices that you should follow for maintaining health and safety should come from your experiences on the job, but they also need to arise from local, state and national guidelines too. If you and the other members of management are unfamiliar with the regulations, then you need to spend a decent amount of time going through them. Determine how you can make sure that your business is following the rules. Failure to do so puts your entire company at risk.

Post Standards

Once you know what you can do to support employees and what you are required to do for the company, you should elicit assistance from the entire team. In other words, you must let your employees know what practices they have to follow. For example, you have problem seen signs in the bathrooms of restaurants requiring employees to wash their hands. Posting signs such as this one around your office respond your team members of their obligations.

Hold Workshops

Health and safety in the workplace might seem like abstract concepts to your employees, but you want them to internalize the best practices. Sometimes, it is a good idea to take a step away from the regular workday and create a workshop where you can really focus on these issues.

Workplace health and safety are two crucial topics. In the world today it’s not uncommon for businesses to employee people with a master’s in occupational health and safety to oversee them. No matter what your place of business, overlooking these issues will lead to long-term problems.

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