Rich and Famous: TOP High-Priced Restaurants

The dinner for $500 can be the brightest in your memory. To get it, you have to visit at least one of TOP ritzy restaurants in the world. The gourmands from all over the world are ready to go from one point to another, changing cities, countries, continents. The biggest metropolitan cities welcome you with the most impressive restaurants that impress with their unique interior and prices.

Aragawa (Tokyo)

The Japanese restaurant in Tokyo is popular all over the world with its juicy steaks. The marble beef that is served here is considered to be the best in the world. There are only 6 tables in the restaurant and about 10 points in the menu. Aragawa cooks meet from the special Japanese cow. The cows eat juicy grass, get massage every day. That is why the meat portion of 200 grams costs for $100. The meat is cooked with no sauces and spices to feel the natural taste of meet. The steak from Aragawa makes vegetarians to eat meat. The average price for dinner is $368.

Sichuanese Spicy Dry-Fried Beef @ Jia Yan @ Paris

Eigensinn Farm (Toronto)

The legendary private farm is located to the North from Toronto. It is called Eigensinn Farm. It is better to hire a car in Toronto to get there with no problems. Everything you can order here is grown up and cooked right here. The menu consists of 8 dishes to cost about $213 per one person without drinks. The restaurant location is not comfortable. Nevertheless, this is one of the most unusual places to eat in the North America. It is worth the money you spend.

Solo Per Due (Rome)

The Italian restaurant is situated in the little town Sabina, 70 kilometers from Rome. It is very small, the smallest in the world. There are only two seats for you and your guest. You can have dinner here in a calm and romantic atmosphere. Everything is real: waiters, wine, menu, small and cozy terrace. Many people think that this is the best romantic restaurant you may ever visit. It is famous of the summer truffles, olive oil, strawberry and blackberry, wine and sheep chees. The restaurant is specialized in local cuisine. The average price for dinner is $318.

French Laundry (California)

The restaurant of French cuisine is located in the American city in California. It is included in TOP 5 ritzy hotels in the world. The restaurant got its name after the name of a laundry that was placed in the building many years ago. The portions are very small, emphasizing the elite, unique and prestigious cuisine. It is said that you can try the best dishes of ousters and pearls ever. You should book the table beforehand, a month or two before your visit. The average price for dinner is $270.

The French Laundry

Masa (New York)

The restaurant is located in the very center of New York in the fashionable shopping mall Time Warner. It is the best and the most prestigious in the world. The restaurant welcomes you personally. More than 26 visitors are welcomed. This is the restaurant of Japanese cuisine. The seafood comes from Japan. You can eat vegetable salad, truffles, fois gras. It is better to book a table for three weeks before. The price for dinner is $450.The price is high because of interesting food and exotic ingredients.

Sketch (London)

The chef of the restaurant made Sketch one of the most impressive places in London. The French cuisine has already gotten the glory of Michelin. People like it. The service is high. There is a DJ and exposition of arts.

Petermann`s Kunststuben (Zurich)

The menu of six dishes with no wine consists of fois gras, zucchini, lobsters, mushroom soup, scallops. The dessert changes every week. The most popular is Millefoglie with pine apples. This is the restaurant of French cuisine in Zurich. The price for dinner is more than $ 200.

French Laundry Kitchen

Tetsuya`s Restaurant (Sidney)

If you want to get to the Tetsuya`s Restaurant, you should be the meat lover. The French-Japanese menu of the restaurant costs big money. The menu mostly consists of 10 dishes. It is changed every week so, you do not know what choice of dishes is waiting for you today. Of course, such popular dishes as cold vegetable soup with spicy sherbet, tunes and fried trout are mostly popular.

Vitrum (Berlin)

The decoration of the Vitrum restaurant looks like the Venice villa with black marble columns, glassy lamps. The menu is Italian and consists of the variety of fish dishes. The restaurant chef is a fish lover, definitely.

Steirereck (Vienna)

The winery of the restaurant Steirereck is rich in 35 000 of bottles of good wine. There is also a cheese cellar, bread menu. The food from the restaurant is popular in the Europe. What is more, the restaurant interior contains the antique arcs and columns from the ancient castle.

Yamazato (Amsterdam)

Yamazato is popular Japanese restaurant in the hotel Okura from Amsterdam. Of course, it is not cheap, but you have amazing choice. The season menu consists of 7 dishes to cost for $ 108. There is always a choice to order something cheaper, for $ 30-84.

Zalacain (Madrid)

The menu consists of 3 dishes to cost about $ 108. The restaurant was opened in 1973 to proclaim the Basque cuisine in Spain. The menu is still innovative today, including seafood, Spanish poultry and other tasty things. You can have a cigar if you want. The dress code is official suit.


Arpege (Paris)

The chef of the restaurant makes a real art of the process of cooking. Of course, people are afraid of high prices. Nevertheless, they still want to come here again and again. The menu mostly consists of vegetables. It is very attractive for everyone who likes spending money.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

The underwater restaurant is located 5 meters deep under the water on an island of Maldives. The roof is made of glassy material that you can see the underwater world and inhabitants. Be ready, the sharks and slopes watch you all the time! There are only 14 tables in the restaurant. Try to book a table a week or two before your visit. The price for dinner is $300.

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