4 Fashionable Ways To Outfit Yourself For Adventure

You are the adventurous type and need clothing and accessories that will stand up to your rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Looking like a fashion model is not one of your highest priorities, but you do want to look good in your attire. Being comfortable and casual is much more your style, so it is a plus if the items look great on you. If this is you, here are a few ways you can go on adventures and look good doing it:

Rugged Boots

Boots are in. They look great with jeans, slacks, skirts, and even long and short dresses. Many individuals wear them even through the hot summer months because they are so comfortable and easy to maintain. Select sturdy leather boots that will hold up to rugged use. Man-made-materials tend to tear easily and do not move with your feet as easily as leather does. Be sure that the soles are slip-proof and provide a grip that will hold you on uneven terrain. Choose a color and style that complements the remainder of your wardrobe. If it is in your budget, purchase several pairs that can be interchanged throughout the week. Keep your most durable pair for weekend hiking and climbing.

Denim Jeans

No neat black or khaki slacks for you. You are denim all the way. Purchase heavy denim jeans with well-anchored belt loops that will withstand your demanding lifestyle. Blue denim is the rage, but keep other shades of black or even white denim on hand for special occasions. Remember, there are many forms of adventure, and one of them may be socializing with friends at a local dance hall. There are also so many styles available including high-waist styles, flared leg, skinny jeans, bell bottoms, boot cut, straight leg, and more. If you are particularly active, heavier denim jeans with double-fabric knees are also available.


Practical webbing belts that fit securely and snugly as you move can be difficult to find, but fantastic for any adventurer Choose styles that are comfortable and that will adjust to your waistline easily, and always refer to a belt sizing chart. Purchase several in many different colors, including neutrals and brights, to match everything in your wardrobe. Interchangeable buckles are also a plus, allowing you to change your look in seconds. Belt buckles are even available in unique designs such as the American flag, with your college or university logo, or can be made with your own personal custom design. If you wear a uniform of any type, for your job or your school, a matching color can be easily selected.

Cold Weather Attire

In many parts of the country, it is common for the summer nights to become cooler, cool enough to require jackets or sweaters. Invest in a few windbreakers, light wool sweaters, and comfortable cardigans to keep you warm in the great outdoors. Winter is another story. Heavier down coats and jackets in bright colors will give you that fashionable appeal and yet keep you warm and dry. Even long underwear can be stylish with patterned designs and tight-knit fabrics. Thick socks and headgear are also great necessities when dealing with the cold. Layering your clothing in extreme weather can go a long way in protecting you from the elements.

Dressing for your active and eclectic lifestyle does not have to be an overwhelming and time-consuming challenge. Choose carefully and you will have wardrobe items that will last for years without going out of style. Choosing items that look good on you, fit you well, and serve their purpose is your goal, and with these tips, you are sure to find the personal and unique look that you are seeking for all of your treks and adventures.