More Than Just Computers: Technical Skills That Will Take You Anywhere in Life

Computers are great, and few would deny that. Not only have they given us so much entertainment, but they have revolutionized many industries today (depleting entire career fields and creating a ton of new, technical ones). Overall, they have made life generally more productive and efficient. At the same time, there are other areas that one can excel in that does not necessarily a great deal of proficiency in the computer realm. Consider the following four technical skills that can truly take you anywhere in life.


Any business, no matter how big or how small it is, depends on capable and qualified people to get the job done. This involves being able to organize teams, meet deadlines, and assemble the right people to accomplish the right task at the right time. Computers cannot dictate how to do this. It takes a person who understands how to keep all of the pieces of the puzzle moving in the right direction at all times. An effective logistics manager will help a company to be more productive and efficient in the long run.

Information Management

The information systems of today is complex and innovative. It is important that places that deal with lots of data have qualified and capable individuals who are able to handle the diverse array of information that must be properly assembled at any given moment. This also has many moving pieces and systems involved, so specialized training is definitely required. However, being able to process and understand information is in high demand. You could even use it in the health industry if you end up getting your bachelor of science in health information management so that you could work with information in hospitals and certain service providers.

Software Adaptability

Being able to work with a variety of different software and not just be dependent on one is a huge plus in any industry. Even more, it’s looked positively on if you keep up with all of their updates. If you use Word or Excel, for example, you should have the latest version of the program or, at least, the second latest. If you’re still using the version that was brought out in 2008, then you are way behind and this might keep you from being able to perform some important tasks.


Although you may not think that this is entirely a technical skill, it very much is. See, you need to be able to handle multiple projects on one device at one time in some positions. You may have two monitors going with two different browsers going as well as a multitude of documents opened up. You need to be able to not get stuck on one single thing and be able to focus on everything at once. Along with this, you need to be able to switch back and forth between tasks with ease without needing to take much time adjust back to what you were doing. This, of course, might take a little time to get down, but it is possible. To help you practice this, try practicing technical multitasking on a daily basis. Start off with having two or three tabs on your browser going and being equally active on both. Then, after you get comfortable with that, add on another tab. Just like a juggler starts off with three balls and one by one adds more until he or she is juggling six or more, you need to do the same in order for you to master multitasking. Having a lot of tabs open on your browser might seem like clutter to you right now, but being able to handle all of them and remain productive and functional can become a very important skill—especially if you end up working in business where you are most likely to come across needing to be able to do that.

These are just four of the many technical skills that, once mastered, can really take you far in life. They are each varied and diverse, but each also provides an important function in society. It takes all types of skills and interests to make society excel today, so get out there and do what you enjoy.

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