More Than Fun: 3 Ways Drones Are Changing The Way We Work

More Than Fun: 3 Ways Drones Are Changing The Way We Work

While drones have been on the market for a few years, their applications have only expanded as civilians become more familiar with these machines. Even people’s paychecks are starting to benefit from the opportunities available to a company that makes regular use of drones.

Older People Can Continue to Work Laborious Jobs

Pick any sort of physically intensive job, such as land surveying, insurance adjusters, just about any job that regularly involves climbing to high places or descending beneath the earth and you eventually run into a chasm between having a store of career-vital knowledge and a body that is flexible and agile enough to perform the physical parts of that career. Drones have ensured that aging experts can continue their working days by leaving any exhausting maneuvers to the drones-either crossing the terrain in a fraction of the time the expert would take or completely circumventing a path in order to reach the survey point.

Photography Gains New Approaches

The unbridled freedom of aerial photography is a lot easier to capture when you can remotely control your camera rather than requiring the photographer to get up into the air. Drones are assisting news crews to get shots that are impossible for cameramen. While security may be a separate field from getting the perfect photo op, there is some overlap when it comes to detecting the presence of criminals; some drones, like those from Infrared Cameras Inc., are equipped with infrared cameras, allowing them to scope out an area and detect the presence of squatters or where known felons may be hiding within a safe house by the presence and levels of heat registering on the camera’s sensors.

Food Delivery

While the idea of package delivery via drone has been around for a few years, the most direct means of sending a package to its recipient is continuing to improve with the driverless delivery of food. Dominos Pizza has already looked into cutting costs by swapping out delivery drivers for drones and Amazon is considering expanding its drone operations to transporting meat directly to customers.

Regardless of people’s thoughts on drones, the fact remains that this technology is becoming an increasingly common part of life at work as much as it remains within hobbyist circles. A McKinsey study on the effects of automation in employment saw that 30% of jobs could be mostly turned over to automated technologies like drones in the near future. Drones allow all industries to work smarter while trimming away grunt work and manual labor.