Lighting Tips Your Bedroom Needs For Romance

Lighting Tips Your Bedroom Needs For Romance

Is your bedroom lit for romance? This might be one of the more blush-worthy projects you ever take on but decorating your bedroom with romance in mind can actually improve your sex life. Lighting has a huge impact on your mood. When it comes to getting in the mood, the lighting in your bedroom plays a bigger role than you think. When you’re redecorating your bedroom, keep romance in mind and give these lighting tricks a try.

Low Lighting Few things are less romantic than bright overhead lighting. It’s the kind of lighting you’re used to in the office and it can be headache inducing. You want to minimize overhead light in your bedroom for all kinds of reasons, sleep being one of them. Instead, use lamps and even candles to create warm, low lighting in your bedroom.

Light Temperature Colors have a temperature. Not to the touch, but in the kind of atmosphere and feeling they create when they’re lighting up a room. War colors include red, pink, orange, yellow – the kinds of colors you would see in a sunset. Cold colors like white and blue have a sterile, impersonal feeling and you should avoid them in a bedroom. You can introduce warm colors in a variety of ways. Some might use colored bulbs but many find that’s extreme. Think about the color of your lamp shades to start. The light will also be reflected off your walls and your curtains, so think about changing those colors.

Use Dimmers These are must-haves if you’re redoing your lighting with sex in mind. When you’re scrambling to get to work in the morning, you really do need bright lighting. A dimmer makes a world of difference at night and they’re easy to install. Just make sure you read the safety instructions.

Create Focal Points In the bedroom, you don’t want light to spread throughout the room evenly. You want to create focal points in order to hide parts of the bedroom that are maybe less sexually appealing (like that pile of clothes you want to get rid of in the corner) and highlight other features. That could be as simple as aiming a desk light at a photo on the wall or moving lamps to the floor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting. Take your time, play around, and see what works.

New Lamps and Lighting You may find that you just don’t have the right lamps or lighting for the effect you want to create. Get creative with desk lamps and shades that will change the way your bedroom feels. Horizontal lighting is one of the sexiest ways to light a room. It highlights bodies in a way that’s flattering and alluring.

The lighting in your bedroom impacts your sex life. Give lighting the attention it deserves and you won’t regret it. Remember to use low lighting and side lighting, warm colors, dimmers, and play around with focal points.

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