8 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your College

8 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your College

Not everyone gets to go to college. If you enroll in a college or university, you should feel proud of yourself. You should feel proud of the future you are making. Depending on where you go to school, you should also feel proud of your university.

Not all schools stay equal. There are a lot of reasons to be proud of your campus, and we list a few of our favorites here. You might be proud of your school for its athletic program, or for the fact that it serves real food in the dining hall. There are a lot of reasons to feel campus pride, but if your school boasts any of the following reasons, then you have extra cause to feel good about your university. Without further ado, here are 8 reasons to be proud of your college.

Their Sports Team Rocks

Not every college is lucky enough to have a sports team, and not every college is lucky enough to have a sports team that wins. If your college has a team that owns the competition, you should feel proud. Sports team pride is one of the easiest ways to feel proud of your college, and you can even buy gear to show it off. An LSU Tiger store can get fans of Louisiana State University decked out in T shirts, hoodies, and more. If you are proud of your college’s sports team, you get to proudly display it all over campus, and at home. If your college has a sports team to be proud of, you can share that pride wherever you go.

They are Environmentally Conscious

Not everyone takes care of the environment the way they should. If your college is actively green, you should be excited. They might encourage less water and electricity usage in the dorms or teach about environmentally friendly vehicle options like SeQuential biodiesel. They might have biodegradable utensils in the dining hall. Whatever steps your college is taking to stay green, you can be proud of them for it. They are a large series of facilities, and their impact makes a difference.

They are Tolerant

College is a wonderful place to grow and discover who you are. It is also a wonderful place to discover who other people are, as well. You might have grown up far away from anyone who had different religious beliefs, and before college, you might not have had any friends who did not look or live like you. At college, they encourage diversity, and it is the perfect place for you to branch out in friendship and learn more about the world. Colleges should be a safe place for people who are different, and if your college shows healthy tolerance, then you have something to be proud of.

They are Online

Most of these reasons involve a flesh and blood college, one you attend in person. If your school is online, however, you have a unique reason to be extra proud of your school. They’ve provided you, and countless others, with innovative academic programs that allow you to learn wherever you are. Online classes are a new phenomenon blesses students across the world. Your school is giving an education to people who otherwise could not afford it or get it. It is helping change the face of the future, and you can be immensely proud of that.

They Take Good Trips

Never underestimate the value of good Senior or Freshman trips. If your college offers good study abroad programs, like a first semester in Ireland, or a Senior semester in Spain, then you have gotten something special. Even college run vacations, like a group outing to the Rocky Mountains can keep your mind supplies with memories and your wall supplied with hiking posters. A college that gives their students great traveling opportunities is a college to be proud of, so even if you did not take that first semester in Ireland, you can be proud that your college offers amazing opportunities.

They Offer Good Scholarships

College is a financial burden for a lot of people. When a college offers good scholarship opportunities, they are making college tuition much more achievable. If your college offers good, attainable financial aid and scholarships, then you should feel proud of them. Not every college can offer scholarships, so if your school gives out financial help to dedicated students, you can feel good about your college or university. You feel even better about them if you have received one of these scholarships.

They are Less Expensive

Never be ashamed of a community college. Cheaper colleges sometimes get a bad rap, like they are less distinguished, and less worth your time. If you go to a community college, you might feel tempted to think badly of your school. It is not Harvard. Your college’s lower tuition is something to be proud of. College has become impossibly expensive, and your school is thanking students by allowing them to learn for less. Your diploma is just as good, but you will be in less debt, thanks to your school’s tuition rates. They treat you right, and that is something to love about your university.

They Have Good Professors

Not every university has good professors, or if they do, the professors stretch so thin that teacher’s assistants end up teaching your classes. If you are lucky enough to go to a school with dynamic, available professors, then you have a reason to get excited. Some professors spend their lecture time sharing anecdotes, or they explain things so poorly, students are better off with the textbook. Your college or university will have a few of those since every university does. But if good professors power you school, you have another reason to be proud.

If your college makes you proud, spread the word! College is an exciting time, and a wonderful opportunity. You deserve to feel pride in your campus, so however they treat you right, keep enjoying the gift of education, and be proud you attend a great school.