It’s Final Exam Season: How Do You Plan To Stay Motivated?

Crunch time is upon the students of post secondary institutions in K-W. It’s that time of the school year where libraries stay open later, coffee shops are jam packed with students, and the campuses seem quieter than usual. While it all sounds like a shift for the positive, for many people this time of year can cause a great deal of anxiety. If you’re a student struggling with pre-examination nerves, find an outlet for your energy outside of the lecture hall.

The best way to find a work-study balance is by breaking your day up with other activities, studying 24/7 can wreck you long before the exam even begins. Any sort of workout is beneficial, helping your system to alleviate some of the added pressure. Aside from the obvious health benefits, doing something physical will also release endorphins, clearing your head and making it easier to focus and stay motivated when you return to your studies.

A recent pastime among students in the area has been to hit up the local axe throwing grounds. Located in the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo, BATL(Backyard Axe Throwing League) has been delivering axe throwing to residents of K-W, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding communities since the spring of 2015.  The gym is a short two blocks from King street – in the Old Granite Club; a converted curling club, and more and more people are finding reason to join a Kitchener axe throwing league — from students to professionals and everyone in between.

At this location, participants are encouraged to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks for sustenance as they play, helpful for students on a budget. Private fridges are available too, as well as plenty of counter space. Keep in mind however that glassware is not permitted.

Informal axe-throwing with instruction can be enjoyed on a drop-in basis and costs about $20 per person + HST – typically you’ll throw for about 2.5 hours. Drop-in classes are scheduled conveniently on Friday nights from 5pm-8pm, Saturday afternoons from 11am-2pm, and Sunday afternoons from 2pm-5pm.

You can practise on your own if you need to wind down, or with a study group after a long day spent hitting the books. If you have an important final presentation to prepare for, axe throwing will get you and you team moving, while allowing you to focus on something different from your project. You’ll still be developing skills in concentration while collaborating with one another to reach a goal, to hit a target. Relaxing your mind while in the throwing zone could also potentially provide your group with some excellent last minute ideas by allowing yourselves to step away from traditional modes of working.

As universities prepare to let out this month, it seems a great chunk of the K-W population is barricading themselves away in order to meet oncoming deadlines. Studies show however that productivity increases when people allocate for some leisure time too. What better way to let off some steam than by throwing some hard steel? It’ll help you return to those last few assignments more relaxed and more prepared to score those high grades.

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