How Video Game Professionals Can Create Their Own Brand

As a video game professional, games are more than a hobby, they are how you make a living. Whether you create live streams, let’s plays, videos or other online content, treating your endeavors like a business is the key to success. You have to always remember why you do what you do and stay focused on how to make your video game profession as successful as possible. ¬†With these tips for creating a brand, you’ll stand out among the crowd and grow a thriving online business. Standing out is definitely an essential part of becoming successful.

Pick a Niche

When you first begin your professional video game endeavors, you’ll surely have an idea of what you’re interested in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into story-based visual novels or indie sandbox games. What matters is that you narrow your focus so your audience knows what to expect every time you begin a live stream. It’s important to refine what you present online so it has a common theme. By picking a niche rather than creating content that could appeal to anyone, you can ensure you audience will always be interested in what you put out. Some of the highest earners in the world of professional video games focus on only one game and earn millions. All in all, it’s important you focus on one specific niche in order to gain attention and notoriety in the diverse world of video games.


Develop Your Image

A solid brand requires that you’re recognizable and present a cohesive vision. How your audience sees you depends in large part on the visual elements of your brand.¬†Whether you use a Twitch banner maker or use an online logo maker to get the right mark, a solid visual brand identity gives your audience a great way to get to know you. If you stream on Twitch, you may consider hiring an artist to create repeating animations to keep your audience entertained during loading screens and bathroom breaks. With a cohesive visual identity, your streams and videos will become more recognizable among the countless others competing with you.



It’s never too early to think about merchandise and creating on online shop, even when you don’t have a large enough audience to generate regular sales. If you are able to be easily found online you can get a lot more attention than you would have otherwise. Some of the earliest members of your audience may be incredibly excited to purchase merchandise from you to show their support. Overall, creating t-shirts, key chains and stickers will help you stay memorable and establish a strong image. With your logo and graphic design in mind, merchandise will only strengthen your brand.


When it comes to increasing brand recognition, merchandise is invaluable. The biggest brands on the planet pay tons of money to get their products in front of potential customers. With enough repetition, potential customers become buyers. If you remind your audience about your online videos and streaming through merchandise, you’re sure to have a stronger brand and a larger audience.


As a video game professional, you have plenty of ways to treat your work like the business it is. From Twitch banners to graphic shirts and merchandise, these opportunities will help you create a stunning brand and thriving business. As your professional video game career grows, you’ll only find more opportunities for strengthening your brand and achieving success.

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