Classy And Comfy: 3 Ideas For More Comfortable Work Day Attire

It seems that in the majority of offices across America, many employees are stuck wearing the same boring, neutral-colored classics that they have worn for the last decade. While it can be difficult for employees to know how to break out of their molds, especially with the vastly changed rules for office attire these days, it is vital that they choose items that are classy and comfortable. Some offices are hot, and some are cold no matter what the weather is like outside. In some offices, employees will need to move around a lot while in others they will be seated at desks for hours on end. No matter what type of company one works for or what the environment is like, these three simple ideas will make it easier to choose comfortable work clothing.


Pick Comfortable Fibers

With so many synthetic fibers and fiber mixes coming on the market nowadays, it can be difficult to know which options will be the most comfortable, will wash up the nicest and will last the longest. When synthetic fibers first came on the market several decades ago, they were notoriously uncomfortable. One might think of hot, sticky polyester shirts and pants from the 1960s. However, with today’s advances, these materials are often just as comfortable as and wear better than natural fibers. Rayon often feels like cotton or even silk and can be cool in very warm, dry climates. For warm, humid climates, blends that include rayon, nylon or polyester are easy on the budget yet cool on the body. Natural fibers are also good for the office because they tend to breathe well, keeping individuals warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cotton is excellent for the summer, and linen is another light and cool layer for the summer. However, one must beware of its inclination to wrinkle quickly. In the winter, wool will keep one warm in a colder office.


Pick Stretchy Clothes

Those who work in changeable environments rather than in a cubicle will want to consider how easily they need their clothes to move. For example, people who may need to bend, crouch, and swivel and sit on the ground will want to consider stretchy bottoms and tops that have plenty of give in the shoulder and underarm seams. Pants should have a small percentage of spandex in them so that they have some give without looking cheap. Knit materials are good for tops. Knits can come in a variety of types, including lightweight and heavyweight materials, and often include cotton or more affordable polyester. Knit sweaters, cardigans and dresses are good options for certain work environments that have more stringent dress codes. Stretch velvet can be a good option in the winter or for work parties.


Pick Outfits With Layers

Layering is truly an art form that requires an understanding of patterns as well as the desired lengths and weights of clothing. However, it is an impressive way for women especially to find relief in a very hot or very cold office. Consider the following options. A sleeveless, collared blouse can be paired with a circle skirt, which helps to cool women off, and a cardigan in case of a cold office. Another option for a less restrictive office environment would be cropped skinny pants made from cotton or linen paired with a flowing short sleeve blouse and cropped cardigan. In the winter, women can mix things up by pairing their sleeveless sheath dresses with neutral-colored long sleeve blouses underneath and tailored wool cardigans on top. A blazer is a great multi-use layer that can go with both skinny pants and wide-leg trousers but that can be whipped off in offices that are too hot. An interchangeable, customizable belt can work wonderfully over informal dresses and with skinny pants to break up the outfit visually.


By dressing for rapidly changing environments, employees will be prepared whether it is hot or cold inside or outside the office. Individuals must make sure that their choices meet office dress codes and especially that they meet their own sense of style. Classy yet comfortable office attire will leave employees feeling confident for whatever lies ahead in their work days.

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