How to Prepare for a Long Road Trip

How to Prepare for a Long Road Trip?

Car accidents are one of the primary causes of death. Because cars move at relatively high speed, drivers, passengers and pedestrians are exposed to a degree or risk; while they are on or near the road. Because the act of driving a car has a degree of risk, it is important for us to minimize risk, although it can’t be completely eliminated. In this case, we should take safety precautions. The first thing we should do is by choosing cars with excellent safety factors that are incorporated into the design of the car. Safety regulations of the state or country should be implemented in the overall design and specifications. The car should meet specific requirements to achieve safety standards. After we are sure that the car has safe design, we could use a number of equipment to further improve the level of safety. Just a simple seat belt can save about 15,000 lives each year, just in the United States. Although it is not necessary to fully equip our cars with dozens of safety accessories, we should look for the most relevant ones. No matter how short, safety belt should be worn. Young children should also be placed in their harnesses or baby seat. To improve safety, baby seats shouldn’t be placed near doors, because collision on the sides of the car and glass shards could further harm babies.

Also by placing babies at the center of the back seat, it is easier to see them from the rear view mirror. Child restraints are a requirements in many countries. In order to improve safety, all doors should be locked. If we also bring dog or other pets inside the car, they should be placed in different compartment, preferably separated with a grid. We may also carry reflective warning device, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. When our cars stop, we should put the warning sign on the road. Jack, tire gauge and tool box should be compatible with our car. Before the car moves out from the driveway, we should make sure that all mirrors are properly aligned. It means that we are able to see the traffic behind us. It is preferable to use wide mirror, instead of convex mirror that distorts the actual distance. It means that judging the actual distance between our car and other cars can be quite difficult. This should allow us to adjust our speed to avoid possible collision. Properly serviced cars are more responsive and we will be able to accelerate and brake the car more easily. Lights, windshield wipers, brakes, oil, shock absorber and tires should be checked properly.

We should make sure that the car is in proper running conditions. This will minimize the possibility of breakdowns and accidents. Drivers should also know how to properly deal with emergencies. The lives of drivers and passengers often depend on our quick actions. Proper skill and knowledge is essential, so we should take all the necessary precautions. Obviously, it is also important that the driver is also able to handle the risky road conditions. On the highways, there are thousands of cars that run at relatively high speed. It is important for drivers to know how to deal with other cars and prevent accidents.