How to Significantly Reduce Our House Cleaning Burden?

Many of us dislike the usual cleanup day and it is important to look for ways to avoid slaving ourselves away over cleaning dirt and dust. Cleanup tasks can be quite significant and could qualify as home improvement projects. Sometimes, we need to change our expectations. Many of us often fantasize about having an impressive and spotless house. We should know that our house is a reflection of ourselves. Keeping our house clean is a worthy goal and our desire could actually bring us to exhaustion. In this case, we should understand our priorities and determine which task that we should complete first. It is important to get a good focus on tasks that we need to prioritize. We should schedule accordingly and get those little things done quickly.

Another method is to use dirt-proof colors. In this case, the color of the material shouldn’t be affected by presence of a bit of dirt. If we use color that can be stained too easily, we are talking about a lifetime commitment of trying to keep things cleaner. No matter how much we clean the surface, we would need to clean it up again, because it looks dirty too quickly. White furniture, couch and carpet will require more upkeep. In this case, we should consider choose darker colors. We may also use dirt-colored materials to hide the presence of dirt. However, it isn’t an excuse of being lazy and to postpone our clean up tasks.

It is also important to purchase tools and cleaning supplies that could make our job much easier. It’s not like that we would need a shovel to dig a hole inside the house, but proper cleaning supplies could make our job much easier to do. We should decide what kind of task that needs to be completed at home. It is important to find the best supplies and tools to accomplish that. As an example, we could choose a duster with extendable handle, so we could reach down or up without extensive bending or stretching. The duster should be able to slide between groves. We could also use magic erase to clean door, refrigerator, wall and other surfaces.

Spills, stains and other messes should be cleaned when they are still fresh. We shouldn’t say that we will clean it up later when we have time. When it hardens, the stain will take much effort and time to clean up. This is a common sense that we should serious consider. If the clean up task is challenging enough, we shouldn’t be afraid to immediately call out for helps. This should be a good opportunity to teach children on how to work together. If children make messes, they should be instructed to clean up their own messes.

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